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    Posted on Nov 22, 2017

    If You Love Wine, You Absolutely Need This Wine Opener

    Winot treat yourself?

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    I’m not sure I would consider myself a wino, but I certainly drink enough wine to know a thing or two about it.


    I’m not generally snobby when it comes to my libations either. I drink $5 wine on an almost-nightly basis and oftentimes out of mason jars or even — gasp — plastic cups.

    There is one wine essential, however, that I think is worth a splurge. Ladies and gentlemen and wine lovers of all walks, I present to you: the best wine opener ever.

    I, presumably like you, once used a classic corkscrew for all my bottle-opening needs. But I've racked up many a horror story involving those finicky little devices. On numerous occasions I'd end up with a broken cork, and I can count at least two times when the corkscrew itself broke! Needless to say, unopened wine bottle in tow, panic ensued.

    Don’t get me wrong — I still think it's essential to have a basic corkscrew on hand for, say, summer park-drinking sessions, but I’m not trying to struggle with my bottle on a nightly basis. So when my parents (and fellow excessive wine drinkers) gifted me this fancy little corkscrew (complete with a foil cutter) one Christmas, I was elated.

    It’s super easy to use, and it opens a bottle of wine in two seconds flat with very little effort.

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    To pop the cork out of the opener afterward, you simply do the same movement you did to open the bottle. So simple!

    Rachel Ellison / BuzzFeed

    I was honestly surprised to find some negative reviews for this miracle worker, as my experience has been exclusively positive. I’ve never had a problem getting the cork out, in full form, and have had it for about three years now. If my calculations are correct...that’s roughly 10,293,709,327,397 bottles of wine, and the opener is still going strong. (In fact, this is the only kitchen appliance I brought with me when I moved to New York!)

    But don’t just take my word for it — check out what these happy Amazon customers have to say too:

    Universal Pictures

    “This takes the effort out of opening a bottle of wine and it's wonderful!! Two pumps and you've got an open bottle and intact free cork! Highly recommend this for regular wine consumers.” —MBuchholtz

    "We were given one of these as a gift after we had admired the one the people who gave it to us had. Our son was visiting, and he admired ours, so we ordered one as a gift for him. This device makes opening a bottle of wine a cinch. We also like the fact that it doesn't require replacement canisters, as some wine openers do. We would give it again as a gift." —Linda Stevenson

    "This corkscrew will literally change your life. If you drink wine or like entertaining, this is the difference between struggling to open a bottle and doing it in a single second without any effort. When you need to open 20+ bottles of wine for a party you'll realize how amazing the Rabbit is. Normally it's the small things in life that you cannot live without. This corkscrew is one of them. Our current version has opened near 1,000 bottles without any degradation in the screw or crank (it comes with an extra screw). We use it outside, in the elements, and this thing has never let us down. If you appreciate wine, you will appreciate this." —Geoffrey Penny

    Bottoms up! Get the Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew (available in black and gray) from Amazon for $34.39+ or Walmart for $37.58.

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    Alison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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