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What Emma Watson Are You?

She's stolen our hearts with her role as Hermione in Harry Potter and she's currently waltzing her way back into them as Belle in Disney's remake of Beauty and the Beast. If you have followed Emma between her movie roles you know she's a multifaceted amazing queen out to tackle the world. Lets see what version of Emma Watson you are!

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  1. You're invited to a party by your friends at a guys house on a school night... What do you do?

    You have the majority of your class work done but you could use an extra hour to catch up before bed.

    You have the majority of your class work done but you could use an extra hour to catch up before bed.

    Say no without hesitation. School comes first. There will be other parties on the weekend right?
    See what else it going on before deciding because you just bought a cute new outfit and your snap story could use some excitement.
    Say maybe but only stay if it's a wine and kick back type of party. You couldn't handle a rager the night before class!
    Say yes. You can't wait to get signatures for your latest petition and make sure your friends get home safe!
    Say Yes! Maybe that cute guy thats been ignoring you will be there! You'll get him to open up some day...
  2. Do You Read?

    Does Cosmo count?
    Yes, I keep up with all the latest news!
    I read everything I can get my hands on! Fantasy, history, biographies.. The sky's the limit!
    I read the instruction manuals that come with my Ikea furniture and the last book I read was some sort of chicken soup book.
    Yes! I read everything thats assigned to me even the "optional" books in the syllabus. If I had more time I would read for pleasure too.
  3. Pick a Color!

  4. You're given free plane tickets to anywhere in the world, where do you go?

    A tropical island paradise.
    Scotland, to see The University of Edinburgh! I've been considering transferring there..
    To Seneca Falls, NY! I've been dying to see the National Women's Hall of Fame, the Birthplace of women's rights.
    I would sell my ticket to help my friends/family who are burdened financially.
    To one of my childhood fantasy destinations I've been reading about for as long as can remember.
  5. Cats or Dogs?

    I prefer the animals that aren't as conventionally cute and fluffy, they need love too.
    Neither, they're too much work.
    Cats! They're so clever!
    Either! But only if they're a rescue.
    Dogs! They're so cute!
  6. Someone close to you picks a fight with you in the comment section on something you've shared on Facebook... What do you do?

    Reach out to them privately and ask if they're okay or need a friend.
    Don't fight back but provide them with a series of information to back up your ideas while trying to understand their point of view.
    Write a well written long response that you never send but keep saved incase they keep commenting.
    Tell them why they are wrong and then turn off the notifications to your post.
    Screen shot the conversation to send to your friends but delete the post so no-one see's.
  7. Your being given an award, whats it for?

    You are at the top of your class.
    Best Dressed.
    Most signatures or dollars raised for your favorite charity.
    First place at the science fair.
    Perfect attendance, you never missed one day.
  8. You're going to an important formal event, what do you wear?

    An edgy pants suit!
    A gown of your own design.
    Whatever's on trend.
    A sensible dress that you bought for the occasion but can be worn to anything.
    A magical flowing gown but forgo the heels because you know you'll be on your feet.

What Emma Watson Are You?

You got: Disney Princess Emma

You light up a room and have a keen eye for making things work. You have the ability to see the good in even the most beastly people and care deeply about your loved ones, just as Belle does.

Disney Princess Emma
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You got: UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma

You share a passion for human kind and stand up for what you believe in. You have a backbone and you're not afraid to show it. You won't let yourself or others be pushed around.

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma
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You got: Brightest Witch of Her Age Emma

The magic and mystery of the world appeals to you but you know that if you put your mind to it, there's no problem that you cannot overcome. You're not afraid to show off your brains.

Brightest Witch of Her Age Emma
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You got: Vogue Model Emma

You are confident in yourself and how to put yourself together. You're comfortable with the way the world percieves you. Every selfie you take is a work of art and you work hard to look that good!

Vogue Model Emma
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You got: University English Graduate Emma

You put your education first and are willing to step away from temptation to focus on your studies. Nothing stands in your way of your goals.

University English Graduate Emma
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