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    28 Perfect Pieces To Wear On A Warm-Ish Spring Day

    For those perfect sunny-yet-brisk days.

    1. A ruffle-sleeve blouse if spring for you means jumping for joy over heading out to the first good farmer's market of the season. Gotta have the right 'fit for the occasion!

    2. A pair of Everlane Way-High Curve jeans whose wide-leg cut aptly curves out at the knees and tapers back in at the ankles for a unique silhouette. I have and love these and find the slightly stretchy denim perfectly structured yet breezy.

    model in medium jeans with super wide curved legs

    3. A bold button-down top so you can FINALLY get back to showing off your bright shirts instead of covering them up with a darn jacket.

    4. A tiger tee if your love of animal print has gone a little too far and you need to break it up without totally straying.

    5. Or a graphic butterfly tee that's simply another cutie to add to your seasonal T-shirt rotation. 'Nuff said!

    a reviewer wearing the t-shirt in black

    6. A classic trench coat because even though cold weather is almost gone, light layering pieces are still essential. This trench is a perfect investment piece that will never go out of style and instantly elevate whatever you throw it over.

    Model in a trench coat

    7. A wide-leg linen jumpsuit I predict will be your signature look of the year. With its simple but sophisticated construction, adorable waist tie, and fabric that only gets better over time, I don't know how you could resist wearing this every day.

    8. A maxi wrap dress you can rock as — duh — a dress, but also as a flowy outer layer if you can't help but go for a '70s moment.

    9. A darling A-line dress available in a range of plaid hues that's sure to be the star of any upcoming picnics. Way to be on theme!

    10. A two-piece loungewear set so you can finally pack your (I say this with love) not-so-cute practical winter sweats away in favor of some cute and springy loungewear.

    11. A strawberry-print T-shirt to celebrate the fact that we're entering good produce season again! I honestly hope that you stain this with strawberry juice sometime this summer since that means you're prob eating the best berry of your life.

    12. A formfitting Free People Movement onesie you can layer button-ups and jackets over if needed or wear solo on days when the sun is out and oh-so-glorious.

    13. A flowy button-down blouse if you're always in search of the Next Great Shirt For Every Occasion (TM).

    14. A matching wool vest and wide-leg pants set from Aam for any spring events you have coming up where you want to serve full-stop. Not to be dramatic, but this is my current favorite outfit. The fit feels tailored right off the rack, and it comes in five gloriously poppy colors.

    model in matching teal vest and wide-legged trouser set

    15. A pair of Mountain Hardware hiking pants that I simply cannot recommend more highly for trekking in all year, but especially in spring and fall when you want a little more coverage from a breathable fabric.

    model in blue tapered hiking pants

    16. A pullover puff-sleeve sweater for days when there's a bit of chill in the air but you really want to opt for a sunny silhouette. I present to you the perfect solution.

    17. A loose tunic tank that this reviewer below proves can be paired with pants suited for any weather and look just as killer.

    a reviewer wearing the white and black patterned top with jeans, shorts, and black pants

    18. A zip-front denim jumpsuit you can rock anywhere from the garden to class to rooftop drinks. Layer with a turtleneck for cool evenings, but during sunny days, let those arms finally breathe.

    model in light denim tank top long sleeve long jumpsuit with a zip front

    19. A two-tone tee that'll help break up your T drawer of solids and introduce a fun, boxy fit into the mix.

    a different reviewer wearing the top in white and navy blue

    20. A Levi's denim jacket because if you are currently lacking a denim jacket, I urge you to finally get one. Everyone deserves a well-worn layering piece in what I believe is the greatest fabric ever created.

    21. A stretch silk midi dress that is *my* personal favorite layering piece whenever spring decides to throw me a 50-degree day. Over shirts and under light jackets it's just a dream come true.

    model in blank silk midi dress with high round neck and wide tank sleeves

    22. A ruffled puff-sleeve, ruched-bust dress for anyone who wants to bring garden party vibes to any room they enter.

    23. An enviable Big Bud Press short sleeve jumpsuit that I dare you not to put on at least once every day for the next six months. I honestly bet you can't do it, it's that magnetic, cool, and comfortable.

    muted emerald green short sleeve jumpsuit

    24. A pair of relaxed linen overalls to toss on over long-sleeves, tees, and tanks whenever you need to run out to the garden to tend to your plant babies. Ah, life is good.

    25. Or a pair of jean overalls for bringing real farmer vibes to the table...or streetwear vibes, honestly!

    a different reviewer wearing light-wash overalls

    26. A high-waisted swing skirt available in a stunning 44 (!!!!) prints, so it's all but certain you'll find your new favorite among them.

    27. A pair of Levi's Ribcage jeans — I know some people are gonna disagree with me on this, but I think jeans are really, truly the perfect pant all year long. Especially in the transitional seasons when a wide leg keeps you warm when it's chilly but breezy when the sun comes out.

    28. A pair of high-waisted pleated pants whose adorable tied belt is the monochromatic accessary you didn't know you needed.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.