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    Minimalist Clothing Paradise Frank And Oak Is Having A Major Sale, So It Might Be Time To Modernize Your ~Aesthetic~

    I cannot emphasize enough that literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is on sale.

    Amazing news for all you chic, minimalist dressers out there! Frank and Oak — probably one of your favorite places to buy well-designed, oh-so-aesthetically-pleasing clothes — is having a major sale through 5/20! That's right, EVERYTHING is 25% off when you enter "WEEKEND25" at checkout.

    Here are just a few of the marvelous things you can find on sale:

    1. A drop shoulder sweatshirt that's comfortable enough to make you feel like you're wearing pajamas all day, but looks sharp enough that it looks like you're wearing an actual styled outfit.

    model wearing brown basic sweatshirt with white jeans

    2. A long-sleeved v-neck dress with front buttons and a tie at the waist so you can set the world record for putting together a polished outfit when you pull this on in five seconds flat.

    model in black v-neck dress with center buttons, a waist tie, and long sleeves that comes to the mid thigh, styled with white sneakers

    3. A bright button-up blouse, because your usual neutral-toned wardrobe could use a pop of color, and can do so while staying ~minimalistic~.

    model in bright red button-up blouse with short sleeves, a collar, and a large pocket on each side of the chest

    4. A classic T-shirt dress for tossing on at the start of any day you want to feel comfortable and cool. Adding a few pieces of delicate gold jewelry would chic it up, but there's nothing wrong with rocking this alone with some slides (speaking from experience).

    black T-shirt dress with a high round neck

    5. A ridiculously soft tank top that'll serve as the base for all of your warm weather looks. Pop a linen shirt over it, throw a denim jacket on on chilly nights, or just rock it alone with shorts to keep nice and cool.

    model in a black high-neck tank french tucked into high waisted jeans

    6. Light wash jean shorts, because everyone needs a go-to pair of shorts for summertime frolicking and nonsense.

    Model in light wash high waisted jean shorts that hit the upper mid thigh with a tucked in brown tank

    7. A floral wrap dress that I'd imagine would be worn by someone gleefully gathering flowers from their garden. That could be you!

    model in a yellow wrap dress with small darker yellow flower print. it ties at the side and has a v-neck and cap sleeves

    8. A sweater tank for anyone who can't seem to give up their love of knits when summer rolls around.

    cropped lime green knitted tank top with a v-neck and back and skinny straps

    9. A hemp crewneck T-shirt, because having a favorite tee is a gift, and this perfectly cut one could be yours.

    model in a tucked in light yellow crewneck tee with rolled sleeves styled with white denim and a brown leather belt

    10. A cotton wrap dress for anyone who's ever looked at a T-shirt and wished it could give you a hug. What's a cotton wrap dress if not a stylish embrace from an incredible tee?

    model in brown wrap dress with a v-neck waist tie and long sleeves, styled with with sneakers

    11. A button-front cami to add a bit of intrigue where you would normally just pop on a cotton basic. Under blazers or cardigans, it'll add the bit of polish a normal cami could only dream of.

    12. A two-pack of metallic socks so your feet can feel a little jazzy — maybe you'll even bust out in a tap dance, who knows?

    metallic ankle socks in black and tan and in black and white with small vertical stripes

    13. A ribbed long-sleeve tee in a modal blend that'll keep you the perfect temperature while caressing you with its silky smooth fabric.

    model in a navy long sleeve ribbed tee in navy tucked into brown trousers

    14. A leopard-print long-sleeve button-up, because scientific studies have shown that leopard print is a neutral that can, and frankly should, be worn at all times. I am being very serious and am definitely not making this up.

    model in the button up tucked into black jeans with a black leather belt

    15. Wide-legged cropped pants so your legs can finally be free from the skinny jeans they've been hidden away in for years *and* be majorly on-trend.

    model in black wide-legged cropped pants with a cream button up and white sneakers

    16. A ribbed cardigan perfect for snuggling up in as you binge all of Normal People for the second time in a row.

    model in honey yellow v-neck ribbed cardigan with three large buttons styled with lgiht wash mom jeans

    So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Frank and Oak before 5/20 to check out all of their items on sale — aka everything! Don't forget to enter code "WEEKEND25" at checkout for 25% off!