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    The Perfect Dark Comedy "Search Party" Is Now Streaming On HBO Max, And It's A Must-Watch

    Are you interested in watching a perfect TV show? OK, go watch Search Party.

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    Hi, I'm Rachel, and I love TV more than...anything? But unfortunately I was WAY late to watching what has become my favorite show: Search Party.


    No spoilers ahead! I want you to actually watch this perfect show!

    Season 1 follows Dory Sief, played masterfully by Alia Shawkat, as she enlists her boyfriend and friends to help her find Chantal, an old college acquaintance who's gone missing.


    OF COURSE things go awry! And the end of Season 1 and the rest of the series takes these characters places you would never expect. All while *also* being undeniably hilarious. If you're a true crime head *and* a comedy head, you're gonna love it.


    John Early and Meredith Hagner are arguably TOO good as iconic millennial duo Elliott Goss and Portia Davenport, Dory's friends who at least try to be helpful in the search for Chantal and have some of the best outfits imaginable.


    P.S. Where can I get Elliott's "NO" outfit? Gimme the LINK!

    And I just want to take a moment to personally thank the Search Party writers for crafting such interesting and suspenseful plotlines and remarkable flawed-but-we-love-them characters. You DID that!


    Lucky for you, there's now a ton of Search Party to watch! Fans had a loooong wait between Season 2 dropping in 2017 on TBS and Season 3, which *just* came out on HBO Max, but the word is that Season 4 has already been filmed — something to look forward to!


    So get HBO Max and get watching! I genuinely can't remember the last time I was THIS hooked on a show, and I have a feeling you're gonna agree.

    the main characters from "search party" looking puzzled

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