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    These Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Are Perfect For Anyone Who Likes To Listen To Podcasts, Audiobooks, Or Music While Going To Bed

    Being able to listen to a podcasts without dealing with cords, ear pain, or waking up my partner has genuinely improved my sleep, and therefore, my life.

    I know you'll agree with me when I say that sleeping is the best — the best! But when I'm drifting off, I don't wanna just be laying there in the dark in silence. For better or for worse, I want to be listening to music or a podcast.

    For literal years I would fall asleep with corded Apple headphones in my ears. I would always wake up tangled in the cord (danger!) and at one point I literally got a blister in my ear (ew!). Luckily, my partner got me these AccousticSheep Bluetooth SleepPhones ($99.95 on Amazon) last year, and let me tell you, my sleep has changed for the better.

    writer wearing the grey fleece circular headband with arrows pointing to the hidden speaker over her ear and the hidden battery pack at her neck

    The headphones are set in a little headband that you simply pop onto your head and lay over your ears. A slim headphone rests over each ear, and the battery and controls sit near the base of your neck. Simple!

    The main selling point to me is just how slender all of the components are. I can sleep completely normally with them on — I'm never thinking about navigating the speakers or battery when I toss and turn because I can barely feel them. My ear rests naturally and comfortably on my pillow, even with the headphones on.

    the writer from the front wearing the headband, which looks perfectly flat, captioned "lays so flat"

    I cannot over-emphasize that the speakers are just so slim! I don't understand how they did it, but gee whiz, they did a great job. And the battery pack and controls nestle right into the base of your neck, so even though they're a little thicker than the speakers, they're still never in the way.

    the writer showing the super thin speaker from the side captioned "the thinnest speaker I've ever seen"

    And when I say "a little thicker," the battery is still wildly small. It's also somewhat flexible, so it can bend with your neck and against your head for an even more comfortable fit.

    And although the speakers are small, the sound quality is shockingly good! Absolutely on-par with the corded Apple headphones I was using before. I can hear every sweet sweet word my friends, uh I mean podcast hosts, say loud and clear.

    writer laying on her pillow wearing the headphones with a speech bubble coming from them saying "...who weekly, the podcast that tells you everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't"

    And while *I* can hear things crystal clear, my partner sleeping next to me hears not a peep. I asked him about it this morning just to be sure, and he reported that it's 100% silent unless our ears are pressed right against each other (aw) or the headphones slide off my head (which doesn't happen that often).

    There are control buttons on the battery pack for power and volume, which are really handy and shockingly easy to use. They're slightly elevated, so it's really easy to reach back, feel for, and select the correct button, even when it's tucked in the headband. I love not having to reach for my phone and get blasted with screen light every time I want to adjust the volume.

    the grey silicone battery pack with an an on/off button and volume up and volume down button, all in a vertical line

    Bluetooth devices have a tendency to be finicky, but I've never had an issue with these headphones. Pairing was incredibly easy, especially since they came with thorough instructions, and they've automatically paired ever since. The sound never glitches or fades out, and I've easily gotten 15 feet of range without issue.

    The battery life of these headphones is also incredible, especially considering the small battery size. I set my podcasts to stop after an hour since I'm usually asleep by then, and with that amount of play time I usually charge them once a week just to be safe. The battery connects to a micro-USB and is fully charged in two hours.

    The SleepPhones come in three sizes, five colors, and best of all, two headband materials, fleece and "breeze," which is a light synthetic that feels kind of like an exercise shirt. I've actually tried both, and prefer the fleece simply because I like to feel snuggly when I'm sleepin'. But the breeze band has come in handy for hot summer nights, and would be adored by hot sleepers.

    the writer with both headphones hanging from her wrist showing the fleece and breeze textures

    And extra perk? The bands can be run through the wash! Just take out the electronics, toss the band in with your normal laundry, and voila, like new. And for anyone worried about inserting everything back into the band properly, the cords are all labeled and color coded, so it's basically impossible to mess it up.

    If you love falling asleep while listening to podcasts, music, or audiobooks, I can confidently say that this is a product worth trying. I'm really not bs-ing you when I say that these are one of my favorite things I have ever owned! Get a pair from Amazon for $99.95 (available in sizes S–L, two materials, and five colors).

    the writer smiling and wearing the fleece headphones captioned "best sleep headphones ever"