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    28 Under-$20 Beauty Products From Sephora That Are Actually Worth Your Money

    Save that money, honey.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Fenty Beauty gloss bomb that comes in six universally loved shades and will keep your lips looking extremely glossy ~all~ day! Plus, thanks to its inclusion of shea butter, it'll keep your lips hydrated, too! Best part? It has a delicious peach-vanilla scent!


    Promising review: "Love this lipgloss! Love the applicator, not too expensive in Sephora terms, and looks STUNNING. I immediately texted my sister 'why didn’t I buy this sooner?!' Highly recommend. Not sticky, no scent really and looks incredible." —HayleyW

    Price: $19 (available in six shades)

    2. An Inkey List hyaluronic acid hydrating serum to leave your skin plumper and smoother. Hyaluronic acid — its main ingredient — can hold 1,000 times its weight in water so it'll penetrate deep into the skin with ~lots~ of hydration.


    Promising review: "I love this product so much, it leaves my face moisturized and soft. Make sure to put it on while your face is damp so it absorbs better! Definitely something everyone should have in their skincare routine." —minaP26

    Price: $7.99

    3. A mini Natasha Denona tan bronze & glow palette for helping you achieve a perfectly sun-kissed glow — without the sun damage that comes along with it. Made with a luminous creamy highlighter and a neutral blush and bronzer powder, this little baby can be throw in your purse for a glow-on-the-go.


    Promising review: "This is I think the best face/ highlight palette I ever bought. It looks so stunning on and gives your face the prettiest glow. Please please purchase if your unsure!!" —SarahMarshal

    Price: $19

    4. A Verb ghost weightless hair oil to smooth frizz, promote shine, keep hair strong, and prevent breakage. Its moringa seed oil moisturizes, detangles, and smoothes hair whereas its argan oil enhances the elasticity, adds shine, and helps minimize flyways and frizz.


    Promising review: "I never leave reviews but I absolutely had to for this. I bought this hoping it would help my hair from being so dry and frizzy but this went above and beyond. My hair has never looked healthier, and it’s softer than it’s ever been in my life!! If you’re debating getting this - just do it! You won’t regret it and you’ll be back for more!" —Sheridan7561

    Price: $18

    5. A Sephora Collection cream shine liquid lipstick to provide long lasting color that won't budge through anything. Even better, its inclusion of avocado oil helps provide comfort for the lips — so they won't feel stiff midday.

    all the shades of the lipsticks swatched on three different skin colors

    Promising review: "The color and consistency of this lipstick is better than I could have dreamed of. It's so sparkly but not chunky at all, it goes on so smooth and comes off at the end of the day with the same ease. I really love that even on my super pink lips it stays true to the color in the bottle." —CecesaurusRex

    Price: $15 (available in 15 colors)

    6. A Tarte clay eyeshadow palette full of six pigment-packed eyeshadows, Amazonian clay, and mineral pigments that'll stay on all day while soothing and softening your eyelids. And, since its shades are neutral you can wear them any time — including during the day and at night.


    Promising review: "Beautiful color palette. Pigmented and creamy, blends beautifully. Love the formulation!" —Mattieocho

    Price: $19

    7. A Makeup Forever artist color pencil that can be used for your eye, lips, and brows to fill in empty spaces, add definition, contour, and more. Its 17 shades make it easy to find the perfect shade for any need.


    Promising review: "The best lip liner I’ve ever used. SERIOUSLY! Beautiful shade. Stays on all day. Trust me, I’ve tried everything." —Aslevy

    Price: $18 (available in 17 shades)

    8. A Huda Beauty #bombbrows microshade brow pencil to help you create the brows you've always wanted. The waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof formula is housed in the thinnest tipped pencil on the market for achieving on-point brows, every time.


    Promising review: "The best brow pencil. It’s so precise and the strokes look like actual hair strokes. I wasn’t able to do the fluffy boy brown/natural look but once I used this, I was able to do it so perfectly!" —jennuinevee

    Price: $17 (available in eight shades)

    9. A Sephora Collection colorful eyeshadow with tons of shades and loads of pigment so you can create virtually any look imaginable. All the shades can be dressed up or down!


    Promising review: "GREAT pigment. Better than some of my more expensive shadows. Color is good. Wear all the time. Goes on very smooth. Applies better with my finger than with a brush." —makeupgirl99

    Price: $9 (available in 100 shades and four finishes)

    10. A Kaja cutie bento creamy lip and cheek duo with two stacked shades that can be blended out or built up. The shades are great as they can be used alone on your lips or cheek or combined to create a custom color., Sephora

    Promising review: "This is perfect for summer months when all you want is a touch of color. I wear the blush on bare skin. The colors are pigmented and the size is good for travel! :)" —lyn2008

    Price: $18 (available in two shades)

    11. A Mizani styling foam mousse with ceramides to strengthen the hair, monoi oil to add shine and moisture, and shea butter to repair dryness and restore moisture. One use of this lightweight foam and your hair will look shiny, healthy, and hydrated.


    Promising review: "I have oily, thick, wavy, and frizzy hair. I was pleasantly surprised after one blow-dry! It definitely adds shine, moisture, and completely reduces frizz and fly-aways around my bang area. I will be repurchasing when I run out!" —cyamek

    Price: $18

    12. A set of two-in-one Peace Out oil-absorbing pore treatment strips with hydrocolloid polymer technology to lift away dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. After the oil and impurities lift away, the infusion of vitamin A in the strip helps to minimize and refine the appearance of your pores.


    Promising review: "I literally never write reviews but I HAD to for these. Just tried on my nose for the first time and I AM AMAZED at how much dirt came up after wearing the strip for the full 6 hours. Absolutely insane!!!! My pores are visibly smaller and it left my nose feeling nice and soft. Would highly recommend, but prepare to be grossed out!" —jkirschy1030

    Price: $19

    13. A Dr. Jart+ mask with moisturizing hyaluronic acid so you can have a spa night at home. The mask contains two parts — an ampoule and a rubber mask — that you'll use by applying the ampoule to the skin and then the rubber mask on top. Together the two provide benefits such as increased hydration (due to the hyaluronic acid) and moisture (due to the kelp extract).


    Promising review: "I used this mask last night and wow. I have never used a mask that worked this well. I am using a prescription retinoid and my face is very very dry right now so I bought this thinking it would just be a nice calming thing for my skin. I had no idea it was going to make my skin so plump and soft and moisturized. I am definitely going to buy this mask before every special occasion now. I still can’t stop staring at my face it’s glowing." —Teashades

    Price: $14

    14. A bottle of The Ordinary moisturizer with amino acids, dermal lipids, and hyaluronic acid to give your skin an immediate boost of hydration.

    the product

    Promising review: "There is no way to go wrong with this moisturizer. It is perfect for my sensitive skin and has made my appearance more glowy and hydrated. I love that there's no scent or fragrance. For the price and size of the bottle. as well as the fact that the tiniest bit goes such a long way, you literally can't go wrong. It is the perfect moisturizer." —abbylewus

    Price: $5.80+ (available in two sizes)

    15. A mini Glow Recipe watermelon PHA + BHA pore-tight toner with watermelon extract that'll quench skin with a boost of hydration while minimizing the appearance of pores. The extract also delivers essential vitamins and amino acids, and helps to soothe the skin.

    the toner

    Promising review: "Y'all, I'm obsessed with this. I've used it every day for a month and my skin looks, like, fantasy-good. I don't love watermelon, but the smell isn't overpowering. This stuff has totally fixed my dry skin, smoothed out my complexion, and given me the titular 'glow.' I've never been a big skincare person, but this stuff really lives up to the hype. I just ordered the full size bottle because I never want to run out." —MsLeahhh

    Price: $15

    16. A The Ordinary lactic acid 10% + HA serum that'll leave skin smoother and healthier looking due to its main ingredient, lactic acid. With usage, it'll reduce uneven skin tone, dullness, and more.

    the serum

    Promising review: "I have problem skin, very sensitive to new products so I was worried about this product. I have bad acne scaring and discoloration on my cheeks from my struggle with acne. Using this product every night before I go to bed has made my acne scarring much less noticeable in as little as two months. I will be continuing to use this product to help even my skin tone over time. I recommend this to everyone!!" —cassnow

    Price: $6.80

    17. A Fresh verbena soap with an infusion of shea butter to make washing your hands hydrating, not drying. Since the soap has such beautiful packaging, you can also place it in your bathroom or drawers as a fragrance.

    The soap

    Promising review: "I LOVE this soap!! The scent is to die for, the lather is luxurious and it lasts long enough to be worth the money. Plus it doesn’t dry your skin out like basic bar soaps do. Highly recommend!" —softersleep

    Price: $15

    18. An Innisfree matte priming UV SPF that'll keep your skin protected (it has SPF 37) without leaving it super oily. Thanks to the silica within the product, it'll also help absorb excess oil while you wear it!

    the sunscreen

    Promising review: "Honestly my FAVORITE sunscreen ever!! Ok yes there is a slight white caste but if you rub it in WELL then it almost completely disappears. Plus if that doesn’t do it for you I honestly add just like two drops of the $3 ELF brown pigment drops and it makes it perfect. I reach for this every day it’s so nice and non irritating, plus it’s matte!! I will use this forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" —beautyglitz

    Price: $18

    19. A water-based Tarte SPF 15 SEA mini foundation that combines medium coverage and a natural finish to create a foundation that's everything we need — and more. Composed with water and vitamin E, it'll also act as an emollient and antioxidant while retaining the skin's natural moisture.

    a before and after of a model with and without the foundation

    Promising review: "New favorite! I thought the IT cosmetics foundation was my favorite, but after trying this I am in love! This sits so flawlessly on your face and it doesn’t reveal your facial flaws after a few hours - no broken up patches & no makeup sitting in every crevice of your skin. It gives a dewy glow that is just amazing. You can also build on it without looking like you put ten layers of makeup on. I’m so impressed and I just feel more confident knowing I have foundation that works for me and not against me after a long day. I bought the mini, but I will for sure upgrade to the bigger size." —Nkar92

    Price: $15 (available in four shades)

    20. A Milk Makeup gel brow to fill, shape, and define your incredible brows. Its waterproof formula glides on smoothly without any smudging for up to ten hours of wear for perfect brows every time.

    the brow pencil in dark brew

    Promising review: "I never write reviews, but I HAD to for this. I have tried many many brow products but this one is very unique. However, it is not for everyone. Unlike other brow pencils, this one doesn't color the skin around/on your brow. The milk brow only colors your brow hairs (no idea how it does this). It just does not stick to the skin. This leaves your brows looking natural but more defined. If you have eyebrow hairs, but you just need them darker/more defined this product is for you. If you are missing hairs or need to fill in big sections of your eyebrows then I would not recommend this. That being said I am super impressed and excited to keep using this product. I cannot stress enough how different this product is than any other brow pencil. It glides onto the brows super smooth." —LiaRose11

    Price: $18 (available in two colors)

    21. An The Inkey List oat cleansing balm that'll gently dissolve makeup and excess oil without stripping the skin of ~any~ moisture. And its main ingredient, oat, supports the skin's moisture barrier, helps reduce redness, and soothes any irritation so it makes the perfect gentle cleanser.


    Promising review: "At $10 for 5 oz, this is by far the best value cleansing balm I've ever tried, and it's texture and consistency is unmatched. It's thick, nourishing, gets everything off and can be used as a moisturizing mask. I'm obsessed with this and am already on my second bottle. It has no fragrance and will last you a while, the bottle is also the gold standard for packaging because its mess-free compared to using a screw-cap container like most other cleansing balms. Try this. Do it now!" —SeaStern

    Price: $9.99

    22. A Fenty Beauty plush matte lipstick with incredible color payoff and a super matte finish that'll last through every single mask wear — even on those sweltering hot summer days.


    Promising review: "I have all good things to say about this lipstick. The color payoff is amazing, the staying power is amazing. It is very lightweight, you can hardly feel anything on your lips. All the shades are so pretty. I bought four different shades and love all of them. It transfers a little bit initially, but if you blot your lips with a tissue paper after applying, it stays put. Highly recommend!" —SaadiaAhmad

    Price: $18 (available in 24 shades)

    23. A Benefit Cosmetics rose lip and cheek tint for adding a pop of color to your lips and cheeks — without any cakey finish or harsh lines thanks to its smudge-proof formula. One swipe of this beauty provides gorgeous color-payoff that requires just a few taps to blend in naturally.


    Promising review: "Absolutely love it! Favorite product for over 10 years. Love the natural GLOW." —ibooop

    Price: $18

    24. A Laneige lip glowy balm with shea butter and a lightweight texture that'll leave your lips ~extremely~ soft and shiny without any stickiness. It's also pocket-sized so you can take it with you anywhere — trust me, you'll want to.

    all the lip balm shades

    Promising review: "This is my absolute favorite balm! I have all the scents but berry and grapefruit are my favorite. Great moisture and shine without being sticky and the subtle color is perfect." —DanielleB01

    Price: $17 (available in five colors)

    25. A Danessa Myricks Beauty eye, cheek and lip cream pigment for providing you with the multipurpose product you've always dreamed of. Throw one of these compact (but long-lasting) tubes into your bag and use it on your lips, cheeks, or eyes for a full makeup look or touchup. Since it dries rapidly, application is easy as can be, too.


    Promising review: "This is so so beautiful and easy to use. It pretty much does the work for you. It’s a great one and done eye look and It dries down, doesn’t crease, and I haven’t noticed any wear-in or wear-off. I love it and definitely recommend it." —Kyleyak

    Price: $18 (available in 30 shades and three finishes)

    26. A Herbivore coconut milk bath soak to make your bath time into a luxurious experience. Like its namesake says, the star ingredient of this product is coconut which provides benefits such as softening, moisturizing, and soothing the skin — aka a perfect addition to your bath.

    the bath soak

    Promising review: "I’ve repurchased this many times! It has a lovely, soft coconut milk scent, and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized but not oily. I can add a few tablespoons and feel like I get a good soak out of it, or more for a super luxurious bath. I love it!!" —Jeanne111

    Price: $18

    27. A Milk Makeup Kush lip glaze with high-shine, a non-sticky formula, and an infusion of hemp-derived cannabis seed oil to keep lips baby soft and full while worn.

    the lip glaze in four shades

    Promising review: "I have extremely dry lips due to being on Accutane. This lip balm has been perfect for everyday use. The applicator gives a cooling affect when applying." —joannfajrd

    Price: $18 (available in three shades)

    28. A The Inkey List peptide moisturizer for keeping your skin hydrated without the tight, uncomfortable feeling some moisturizers provide. The formula is fast-absorbing and contains a peptide duo that supports natural collagen production while adding ~tons~ of hydration.


    Promising review: "This is my hands down FAVORITE everyday moisturizer! My skin has felt SO smooth and soft since I began using this! It tingles a bit when it first goes on, but it's nothing too bad, and then my skin feels so soft and incredible!!" —BritBit101

    Price: $14.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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