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    20 Target Products That'll Make You Look Like The Ultimate Travel Expert

    Not that vacay needs any help being relaxing, but these products will make going away even easier.

    1. An expandable hard-shell carry-on suitcase with four smooth-rolling spinner wheels and a built-in lock, because it gives you tons of efficient space that can be customized to what you need. Plus, it's sturdy enough to be checked but also fits effortlessly into overhead luggage bins on planes. Thank us later!

    2. A small Dopp kit with refillable travel-sized bottles, so you can help maximize your limited carry-on luggage space for short weekend getaways and never have to scramble to find a travel-sized bottle at the last minute again. They're all TSA-approved sizes, too!

    3. A clean mineral SPF 30 sunscreen because it'll protect your skin from sunburns or sun damage — even if you're not going anywhere tropical, daily SPF usage is key if you're going to be hanging around outdoors. So even if you're planning a hiking trip or a sightseeing vacay to a big city, pack some of this.

    Bottles of Bliss Block Star mineral sunscreen on sand next to umbrellas

    4. A weekender duffel bag so cute, it'll make you look forward to the difficult task of packing—especially on those short trips when you can't just bring ~everything~ in your closet. This bag has special pockets for your water bottle and laptop, and a strap so that it can attach to your carry-on luggage handle.

    5. A set of 14 sheet masks to keep your skin in tip-top shape throughout your getaway. Say goodbye to dehydrated, irritated skin, and hello to that ✨glow✨.

    the different sheet masks in the set

    6. A pack of Apple AirTags for ensuring you know where your luggage is at all times. No need to worry about losing your bag anymore.

    the apple air tag

    7. A travel cosmetic jar (or five) with screw-top lids, so you don't have to pay to check an entire bag just because you want to bring your favorite skincare products with you. Seriously, there's no reason to leave that incredible moisturizer or sunscreen behind — just put as much as you need into these convenient, reusable plastic jars.

    small clear screw-top jar

    8. A cooling eye mask with gel beads that will alleviate that post-flight puffiness (or the fact that you just took a red eye...and who even really gets any sleep on a red eye?)

    the green eye mask

    9. A pack of Starface pimple patches to help get rid of that pesky breakout that seemingly appeared overnight after your flight. The best part? They're super cute to boot.

    10. A reliable external battery so you're never stuck with a dead device en route to traveling somewhere new. The amount of times an external battery has saved my tuchas is astonishing.

    the charger in vibrant coral

    11. A travel pillow because you should be able to sleep comfortably on planes without getting a neck cramp. Plus, it snaps for easy backpack clipping, so you can bring it everywhere.

    the travel pillow in purple

    12. A wheeled duffel bag so you can experience all the joy of traveling with *just* a carry-on, without all the annoyance of having to lug (okay, drag) a heavy duffel all over in the process.

    wheeled black duffel bag

    13. A mini first aid kit to ensure you always have the essentials on hand in case you accidentally fall, get a blister or paper cut or suffer any other minor mishaps over the course of your adventures. It comes with 18 colorful bandages in two sizes, three antiseptic packets, three hand sanitizer packets, and the travel tin — perfect for when you burn your thumb on a hot tea kettle at 11 p.m. when all the pharmacies in whatever place you're visiting are closed.

    the set in a bright yellowish-green tin

    14. A handheld travel steamer for those times when you want your dress, blouse, pants, or shorts to be wrinkle-free on your work trip. This one is small enough to pack, without taking up ~tons~ of space in your precious luggage space.

    model using the steamer with a small handle

    15. A four-piece E.l.f. skincare travel kit with a calming balm, facial oil, primer, and hydrating cream, because traveling can seriously mess up your skin, dehydrating and irritating it. These mini additions will make ~all~ the difference.

    the contents of the kit

    16. A set of four handy-dandy packing cubes to keep your suitcase in tip-top shape. Use the bigger cubes for outfits and the smaller ones for shoes, toiletries, socks, and other essentials. With these in your bag, you'll never again have to tear through your bag, looking for a certain shirt...only to realize that you left it on the floor at home.

    the packing cubes in a suitcase

    17. An all-in-one wall adapter so you can plug your electronics into international outlets — it has four different settings, which match the outlets used in over 150 countries. Grab one and never again experience the heartbreak of going to plug your phone into an outlet at an airport, only to realize that you can't.

    the cube-shaped outlet adapter with a sliding button to change outlet types

    18. A luggage scale for those of us (looking at myself!) who have a tendency to overpack. It'll help you measure the weight of your luggage so you can stay within the weight range for your airline's checked or carry-on luggage — and never have to scramble to take things out at the airport ever again!

    model's hand hanging luggege on the handle-shaped scale's hook

    19. A pair of Beats Studio3 noise-canceling over-ear headphones that will block out all the random, annoying sounds in crowded cars, planes, or trains (or hotel rooms, if you're splitting a room with a friend who it turns out snores...LOUDLY).

    black beats over-ear headphones

    20. A small pack of disinfecting wipes so you can wipe down ~all~ those high traffic spaces (like your airplane seat) that you encounter on your voyage.

    soft travel pack of 9 fresh scent clorox wipes

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