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    This Tik-Tok Famous Smart Toaster That I Personally Swear By Is A Great Gift To Give This Season

    Spoiler alert: TikTok was right about this one and your recipient will agree.

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    Let's be a real: A toaster is one of the most important items in the kitchen, which is precisely why it should be the *only* gift you get your cooking-loving friends and relatives this holiday season. But, you can't just get them any toaster...not when there's the TikTok viral Revolution Cooking Two-Slice High Speed Smart-Toaster ($299.95 on Amazon).

    At first they may think it's just a toaster, but it's truly much, much more than that — especially with the addition of its two attachments.

    the toaster with a large touch screen

    Although pricey, the toaster provides them with the opportunity to customize their experience — something that I've personally never seen before. They get to choose whether they put a bagel, Pop-Tarts, toast, or an English muffin inside and watch the machine adjust its size to fit the item perfectly.

    It not only creates the most incredible toast, but also reheats and warms frozen foods, too! In the past my toaster could make delicious food, but it was always tricky to heat up frozen foods without it taking forever or burning. The fact that it has the three options has seriously been amazing — not to mention, it has saved me from burning tons of food.

    They can choose just how toasted they want any item out of seven different settings. I *love* toast semi–well done, but my other family members love it at different settings (some barely toasted, others almost burnt!). I can really personalize just how toasted I want it, which is honestly why I fell in love with this appliance.

    While it's toasting, the screen takes them through the cooking process. It'll show them when it's heating, browning, and crisping and display a helpful countdown when it's nearing the end.

    the toast at three different levels of doneness, 1, 4, and 7

    It also plays the cutest jingle when it's done toasting, so if they walk away they won't miss it. Say goodbye to cold or burnt toast!

    If that wasn't enough, they can also purchase the toaster's attachments, a panini press ($79.99 from Amazon), to take it up a notch.

    the two attachments

    I'm obsessed with the panini press. It makes the most delicious grilled cheeses, hot sandwiches, and, of course, paninis — I've tried ~tons~ of combinations and find them all melted and toasted to perfection.

    The pastry rack is pretty simple to use, too. Just place it on top of the toaster, select any of the settings, and press start. (I used the Pop-Tart setting but truthfully it doesn't matter which you select — you'll get the same results). Super easy!

    But, I'm not the only one that loves this toaster. Over 900 5-star reviewers on Amazon rave about it, too.

    Ready for your giftee to obsess over making crispiest, yummiest bagels, paninis, or toast with your gift? Get the Revolution Toaster at Amazon for $299.95 and prepare for them to be amazed. Also: You might *just* win the best gift giver award.

    the writer's toaster on the waffle setting

    Them every morning when they see the toaster in action: