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    20 Pet Products From Target So Practical, Their Affordable Price Tag Is Just A Perk

    From a pack of scented poop bags to a scratch pad, these pet essentials will get tons of use — without breaking the bank in the process.

    1. A maze dog bowl for a dog who eats super quickly. This will slow down your dog while they eat and help prevent them from overeating.

    black pentagon shaped  slow eat maze dog bowl

    2. A set of catnip mice toys your cat will absolutely adore playing with. The best part? It'll keep them busy — and ensure you don't have real mice running around your house.

    3. A pack of scented poop bags to mask the smell of those stinky poops your dog makes. This way, you at least won't have to smell it on your walk to the nearest trash can.

    4. And a poop bag carrier so you can have poop bags with you at ALL times. Simply attach it to a leash, purse, or belt loop, and you're ready to go!

    pink poop bag carrier with string

    5. A Kong chew toy for keeping your dog busy and out of trouble while you're trying to get some work done. Stuff it with peanut butter or a treat to make it more enticing.

    Dog running with a red Kong toy in its mouth

    6. An airtight pet food storage container that'll ensure your pet's food stays out of reach (and fresh) at all times.

    the food container

    7. A bag of Greenies Pill Pockets to trick your dog into taking their medicine willingly. This is super helpful in avoiding the inevitable battle of your dog simply licking the peanut butter *around* the pill you're trying to feed them and not actually taking the meds they need.

    Bag of chicken flavor pill pockets

    8. A metal litter scooper so that you'll be able to clean out the litter box with as minimal effort. This material is nonstick and is heavy enough to clean up all your cat's droppings — without the fear of it breaking like plastic scoopers.

    the metal litter scooper with a black handle

    9. A Chuckit! ball launcher because touching the slobbery ball after your dog returns it to you is something we all want to avoid. Plus, you also want to tire out your energetic pup with as minimal effort as possible and this is a simple way to do it.

    Pet owner throwing a ball using the launcher as a dog runs after the ball

    10. A pet feeding mat for keeping all the mess from your dog's meals contained. Since it's nonskid, it'll also keep bowls in place and be easy to clean when your pet inevitably spills (or intentionally spills, like my dog).

    gray pet feeding mat

    11. A bottle of litter box–deodorizing crystals, because a smelly litter box is not the scent you want all over your house, and these crystals are the solution. Pour a layer of these over your kitty's litter and you might even forget that the litter box is there in the first place.

    the bottle of litter box deodorizing crystal

    12. An interactive tassel wand with a bell and pom-poms that'll instantly become your cat's new favorite toy.

    blue and green tassel wand cat toy

    13. A collapsible dog bowl because your dog should always have a way to stay hydrated on your adventures! This little thing folds up and clips to their leash, so you just have to pop it open and pour in some water whenever you want to use it.

    the water bowl

    14. An interactive dog ball that'll keep your dog busy for ~at least~ 30 minutes (sometimes longer!).

    a dog chewing on the toy

    15. A dander-reducing wipe so you can get ALL the cuddles from your cat — without the allergies that dander tends to cause. Use these wipes whenever you're feeling a little itchy to help eliminate as much dander as possible.

    a person holding the set of wipes

    16. A pet first aid kit with essentials like gauze pads, antibacterial wipes, and more, to ensure your BFF can live life to the fullest with you — sans any accidental boo-boos. Use it on hikes, long days in the park, road trips, or any adventure you and your pet decide to take together.

    the pet first aid kit

    17. A grooming tool to remove excess fur off your dog before it ends up all over your entire house. It even has a self-cleaning function where you push a button and all of the dog hair comes off.

    18. A litter mat so that your cat's little paws won't track litter around the house RIGHT after you've swept the place. It helps trap loose litter, sparing you from a lengthy cleaning session after your kitty goes to the bathroom.

    the grey rectangular litter mat

    19. A scratch pad, because cats file their claws by scratching! This'll give them a place to give themselves a mani that isn't your couch.

    a tan scratch pad with a white and tan striped design on its sides

    20. And a food scooper to ensure that you are giving your pet the *right* amount of food during their meals.

    the pet food scooper

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