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    15 Things You Have To Do In Istanbul, Turkey

    Visiting the many museums and trying Baklava should absolutely be on your list!

    Hi, I'm Rachel and traveling is *just* about my favorite thing in the entire world. I've visited a whole slew of places in the last six months, but most recently, I took a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

    If you're planning a trip to the popular Turkish city, here are the 15 things I recommend adding to your itinerary:

    1. Walk and shop on the famous Istiklal Street.

    istiklal street

    2. Try Baklava and other Turkish pastries, like Künefe and Lokum (Turkish delight).


    3. Make a stop in the Museum of Innocence.

    a display in the museum of innocence

    4. Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is also called the Blue Mosque.

    the ceiling of the blue mosque

    5. And the Hagia Sofia.

    6. Learn the history of the Hippodrome.

    7. Explore the Istanbul Museum of Cinema (also known as Atlas Cinema).

    inside the istanbul museum of cinema

    8. Shop the Grand Bazaar.

    the grand baazar

    9. Go for drinks with a sunset view.

    10. See the Whirling Dervishes at the Galata Mevlevi Museum.

    11. Head to the top of the Galata Tower.

    12. Grab lunch in the area around the Galata Tower in the Beyoğlu district.

    the Beyoğlu district around the tower

    13. Spend time in the Ata Turk Cultural Center.

    14. Visit the Painting and Sculpture Museum.

    15. Shop, explore, and hang out in the Galaport.

    the galaport