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Posted on Sep 26, 2015

Fans Try Harry Potter Lipsticks

"I like this color. It's like blood."

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We had some megafans try the new Lasplash Harry Potter lipstick colors, and they couldn't help but speak a little Parseltongue.

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The participants were asked to guess the name of each lipstick. First up, this mystery color:

Ned felt it was giving off some serious Sirius vibes.

But these two weren't so ~sureius~.

  1. What do you think the lipstick is called?

Next up: this foxy red number.

Such a deep, fall color.

These two thought it was VERY Bellatrix, but also it made their mouths look like they were covered in chocolate.

  1. What do you think lipstick #2 is called?

The participants weren't too happy with the name of this one, and requested a delete spell.

But what about lipstick #3?

It was very dark and witchy, but was it sad or evil?!

  1. What is lipstick #3 called?

Did ya get it?!

The last lipstick they were given was verrrrrry green.

And it had such scaly vibessssss.


They were a little confused as to why the colors weren't all named after the houses. Like, what is a Hufflepuff supposed to wear?

But mostly, by the end of it all, they wanted to speak Parseltongue.