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14 Totally Unique Products You Didn't Realize You Needed

Get to know the gadgets that will solve your daily struggles, only with QVC.

1. This revolutionary umbrella with unique features that will keep you protected on a rainy day.

2. This ingenious doorbell that's basically like having a digital doorman at your front door.

3. This super-convenient cosmetic bag that's so simple in design but so effective in keeping your stuff organized.

4. This compact cocktail maker that blends your drinks in just 20 seconds!!

5. This electric s'mores maker that will take you back in time.

6. This cutting-edge wine opener that doubles up as a preserver.

7. These state-of-the-art tweezers that illuminate, so you can grab those hard-to-reach hairs.

8. This modern-day handheld vacuum that's deceivingly effective.

9. This super-smart sanitizing phone charger that kills germs while it charges.

10. This handbag that is fully charged with convenience and functionality.

11. This protective windshield cover that saves you from having to scrape off the frost when winter hits.

12. These sleek Fitbits that are as stylish as they are savvy.

13. This massage pillow that will turn up the heat on your relaxation.

14. This inventive dog-walking system that has three features in one handy device.

All product images courtesy of QVC.

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