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13 Useful Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Be In Their Kitchen

Feed their kitchen addiction this season with QVC.

1. This Keurig package that's literally a manifestation of a coffee lover's dream.

If they're just not themselves without their morning cup of joe, this Keurig K-Select is what they need. With 24 included K-Cup pods, a My K-Cup to brew your own grounds, and two water filters, they can make their favorite beverage in an instant!

2. This marble cheese board that will bring taste and happiness to any dinner party.

Made of marble, wood, and positive vibes, this cheese board by Ellen DeGeneres is ideal for entertaining and even as a permanent fixture in any host's kitchen.

3. These mouthwatering filet mignon medallions that are perfect for the foodie who likes to keep things fancy.

These Rastelli black angus filet mignon medallions come in perfect bite size pieces that are as delicious as they are versatile. From salads to sandwiches, these tender pieces will fancy up any dining experience.

4. This holiday baking bowl that can whip up just about any traditional treat.

If they can't get through the holidays without baking, this Temp-tations holiday bowl is for them. It comes complete with a wire whisk, storage lid, and even a set of recipe cards.

5. These classically sophisticated copper mugs that serve up the perfect Moscow mule.

For the hostess who still needs the mostest. Upgrade their entertainment game with these copper Moscow mule mugs, perfect for serving up a crisp holiday cocktail.

6. This motorized spiralizer that can be used far beyond just making zucchini noodles.

Fun and super easy to use, this KitchenAid Spiralizer has a multitude of uses and is perfect for even a novice chef. It takes the time and effort out of prepping your favorite meals and is just an overall cool kitchen gadget.

7. These state-of-the-art measuring cups that actually look like pieces of art.

These adjustable all-in-one measuring devices are super clever and super practical. Say goodbye to the days you spent hours searching in your drawers for your separate measuring spoons! Bonus: They're dishwasher-safe.

8. These little casserole pots that can serve up your favorite mini meal with an added side of cute.

For the friend who loves their apps and side dishes. These Cooks Essentials 10-ounce cast-iron casserole pots are perfect for serving up small dishes from anything from soup to pudding.

9. These tools that literally cutdown the time spent opening household items.

From hard-to-open packages to metal objects, these Kuhn Rikon shears cut through just about anything and are the ultimate kitchen tool. They have self-sharpening blades and come in fun color combinations — so you can color-code them for different uses.

10. These insulated totes that pack a punch in weight and keep perishable goods cool.

For when your favorite foodie is on the go and needs something to carry their heavy groceries in while keeping them cool. Plus: These totes are totally leak-resistant.

11. These stoppers that seal up beloved beverages, so wasted wine is a thing of the past.

These metallic bottle stoppers can seal anything from bottles of wine, soda, and champagne. What's even more unique about them: They seal in carbonation, so that glass of bubbly can stay bubbly.

12. This air fryer so fried food lovers don't have to ignore their cravings.

Fried-food fans rejoice! This easy-to-use and easy-to-clean air fryer is a multifunctional device that can fry up anything from chicken wings to chips using less oil than a standard deep fryer.

13. These festive fruits that are sprinkled with the season's favorite candy to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Crunchy and delicious. These Mrs. Prindable's apples are covered in milk, dark, and white chocolate with holiday sprinkles, and they come with ready-made gift bags, so you can give the sweetest gift this holiday.

All product images courtesy of QVC.

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