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Sarah Aspler • 56 minutes ago
Andrew Ziegler • 1 hour ago

Which Philosopher From History Are You?

I take BuzzFeed quizzes, therefore I am?

Guillermo del Palacio • 2 hours ago
Juliana Kataoka • 3 hours ago

I Bet You Can't Name More Than 50 Characters From These Iconic Sitcoms

Gotta know more than just the main characters, folks!


Become A YouTube Influencer And We'll Reveal If You're Gen Z Or A Millennial

"Hey guys, welcome back to my channel."


This "Never Have I Ever" Game Will Reveal Your Innocence Percentage

You can count off on your fingers if you want to.

Are Your Dating App Habits Just Like Everybody Else's?

Swiping is an art form we've all mastered in different ways.


Pick Six Cupcakes And We'll Reveal Which Greek Goddess You Are

Because who wouldn't want to be a goddess?

How Many McDonald's Breakfast Menu Items Have You Had?

I'm lovin' it...first thing in the morning.

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We Know Your Fortune Based On What Beauty Things You Pick

Such a simple quiz, yet so telling.


Based On These Five Questions, I Know What Dog Breed You Are

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

We'll Guess Your Age Based On Which Instagram Posts Piss You Off

So...annoyed...but can't...stop scrolling...

There Are Over 30 "Mean Girls" Characters. Can You Name At Least 12 Of Them?!

This is not a regular typey quiz, this is a cool typey quiz!

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