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    Things Anyone Who Has A Love/Hate Relationship With Their Eyebrows Will Understand

    "You shouldn't have razored us."

    If you're emotionally attached to your eyebrows, you know getting them juuuust right can be a daily struggle:

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    Like, when you're penciling them in and you think you did a great job...

    ...but really you just look crazy, like you're not even self-aware.

    When you're having an "eyebrow emergency" but the threading lady is MIA, so you have to get them waxed.

    Sometimes, you're way too busy with "important engagements" to get them done...

    ...but like any brow addict you can't just leave them be.

    You know how you got yourself into this mess too...

    ...but you just can't own up to it either...

    ...even though deep down you knew you were too young to get them done.

    You also know you're trying real hard to stay on top of all the beauty trends...

    ...but you get emotional when you remember the golden age; a time when your brows were wild, thick and beautiful.

    The good news is you know you can always turn a bad brow situation around.

    All you need is one makeup wipe and just a brush with a slight fill in to do the trick. Voila!