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12 Tropes From '90s Sitcoms That We Can't Help But Love!

One more thing that makes '90s sitcoms great.

Let's be honest, '90s sitcoms are full of tropes, but why should that be a bad thing?

Tropes are a part of some of the funniest sitcom moments and their predictability can make comfort TV all the more comforting. Check out a few of the best ones from '90s sitcoms below!

1. When the will-they-or-won't-they couple finally gets together

2. The over-the-top '90s outfits

3. The one hangout spot

4. The giant apartments

5. The outfit reveal

6. When the cast is stuck in one room for an entire episode.

7. The vacation that goes wrong

8. The one-sided phone conversation

9. Choreographed dances

10. The eccentric neighbor

11. The iconic catchphrase

12. The sentimental music that plays when a lesson is learned

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