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10 Signs There's A Demon In Your House

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1. The room has gotten a lot colder.


When you think of demons, you think of heat, but many claim the temperature goes down because the poltergeist is consuming the energy from the room.

2. You have scratch marks or bite marks on your body.

3. The electrical devices in your house start malfunctioning.


Some believe that the paranormal can draw energy from local power sources.

4. Your dog starts acting up.

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Many people believe animals have the ability to detect paranormal activity.

5. When you close your eyes, you can sense something is watching you.


This is commonly brushed off as a fulfilling imagination (i.e. if you think a ghost is in your room, you'll imagine one). Still, many cases of possession and paranormal activity are met with a strong mental image of the poltergeist itself.

6. The doors in your house slam shut.


Especially if it's not windy outside.

7. Seeing shadows.


If you don't have an animal or a significant other walking around the house at night, this can be particularly unsettling.

8. Objects in your house have inexplicably moved.


[In a Jeff Foxworthy voice] If your furniture is in a different location than it was just a few moments ago... you might be experiencing paranormal activity.

9. You hear voices through a recording device.

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Many paranormal advisors will suggest recording your sleep as a means of listening to the spirits in your room. They believe that it's easier for them to communicate through these devices than in person. Listen at the risk of your own sanity.

10. Or you hear someone crying or whispering.

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