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10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real

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10. Indiana's Gateway to Hell / Via Behemoth / Nuclear Blast

We've all heard someone claim that their house was under attack from a poltergeist, but it's not often that a haunted house story will get full corroboration from the local police department. Maybe don't visit Indiana for a little bit, OK?

9. Neb-Senu's Mysterious Movement

bellatrix6 / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 22768390@N00

A 10-inch-tall statue at the Manchester Museum has been turning on its own in broad daylight and has left scientists completely baffled. The staff at the museum set up a camera to record the paranormal activity, and the result is a pretty chilling video.

7. Suicide Forest, Aokigahara, Japan

simonippon / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: simonippon

If you're a camping enthusiast, you may want to skip your trip to Aokigahara. The forest is home to so many suicides, the locals stopped releasing the numbers. People have suspected that the entire forest is haunted, and who can blame them? The last data showed Aokigahara was averaging about 100 suicides every year. Not a typo.

5. The Greenbrier Ghost

Zona Heaster Shue is the only poltergeist in history to help convict her killer of murder. A month after her death, she appeared in front of her mother and explained how she was murdered. Edward Shue was sentenced to life in prison following a brief trial.

4. The White House


Yes, the White House. Abraham Lincoln was the most vocal spectator of the spirits in America's most famous landmark, but he's by no means the only one. Eleanor Roosevelt, President Truman, and Theodore Roosevelt reported visits from the other side. After his visit, Winston Churchill wouldn't even set foot in the place.

3. The Burrillville Farmhouse


The focal point for The Conjuring, this house was the site of extraordinary paranormal activity. After the Perron family was terrorized by a poltergeist who announced herself as "Bathsheba," they made a call to ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. Andrea Perron recalled the moment Lorraine set foot in the kitchen without any knowledge of the situation and said "I feel a dark presence, and her name is Bathsheba." ~shudder~

Inspired by The Quiet Ones

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