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14 Things All Freelancers Will Understand Immediately

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1. Being a jack-of-all-trades is a given.

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You are your own accountant, secretary, marketer, personal assistant, and — best of all — boss.

2. Having an extremely difficult client can make you consider going the route of a full-time, salaried job.

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But you focus on the fact that you love what you do most of the time.

3. Working for yourself definitely does not mean you have more time for yourself.

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In fact, you work every night and every weekend when you're hustling to finish a big project.

4. Explaining to your parents how you make money never gets easier...

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(And they'll probably never stop asking who your boss is.)

5. ...but it does get easier to say "no" when a friend asks you to work for free.

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If you hooked up all your friends, you'd have no time for your paying clients.

6. And you've totally mastered how to hold your tongue when someone tells you they'd love to be a freelancer too but "can't afford it."

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Do they think you just have a trust fund lying around?

7. Some days are extremely busy.

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As in "you don't have time to use the washroom" busy.

8. And other days are more relaxed.

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But that's definitely not the norm.

9. Working for yourself can get lonely sometimes.

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But it still beats having to do a nine-to-five in a windowless office with an overbearing boss.

10. Hiring an assistant actually seems like a good idea when you're really swamped.

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But then you look at your budget and reconsider.

11. You have enough flexibility to travel but no paid vacation days.

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Freelance life can be a cruel mistress.

12. When business is slow, you begin doubting all of your life choices.

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But you remind yourself it's only temporary.

13. You even consider taking some pretty unusual part-time gigs during your profession's slow season.

And you vow to save more money so you never have to do that.

14. And you save every receipt for every work-related purchase you've ever made.

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And try not to think about how you're going to sort through it all later.

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