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Dems Have Every Right To Have A WTF Feeling After The #ElectionResults

Like seriously, Donald Trump won?

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Without a doubt, our political atmosphere is ridiculously partisan, and with the rhetorically loose mouth Republican candidate, Donald Trump winning the presidency it's likely that the partisanship will worsen. In fact, it's already showing with the one-thousand-plus protesters taking shape in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland (to name a few). Protesters are in defiance and shock that 1) Trump actually won and 2) For the second time in history the Democratic candidate won the popular vote yet is the one to concede the race.

Liberals and Clinton supporters are outraged, and their disappointment is raw and exploding. As a result, unfortunately, a few riots and flag burnings have taken place. Of course, this is unacceptable, immature, dangerous, and un-American. But when you feel the system betrayed you, one is right to be p***ed off. Voters that rejected Trump and chose Clinton, feel cheated and that the system Donald Trump claimed was rigged against him turns out it is rigged against them. Thus, they are angry and very, very despaired with the constitutionality of the Electoral College.

The backlash to the protest and #NotMyPresident is Republicans, and Trump supporters are chastising voters who rejected Trump as crybabies. New York Daily News opinion writer S.E. Cupp described the protesters are "whiners." A few days after the election results, #DearLiberals was trending on Twitter with indigent comments making fun of liberals for being upset. Like it's a crime to be discouraged and enraged.

@Vote4TrumpPrez wrote, "Americans Build, Not Destroy" Quit feeding and living on the HRC lie; she's using you for her selfish justification."

@gopquay said, "When are you going to Canada again?"

@auralleis expressed, "Dear Liberals" #DearLiberals You should be protesting the DNC, who cheated Bernie out of the nomination. Your anger is misdirected."

@JBtower60 said, "#DearLiberals This is how you do a real Revolution & it is what is best for the USA you can get on board or be swept up #TrumpTrain #News."

These comments are only par-for-the-course, and quite frankly on the gentle side compared to others.

Trump supporters have the Constitutional right to make fun of liberals' outburst of disappointment but to suggest as Donald Trump did, that they are wrong to feel the way they feel is absolutely ludicrous and it's also hypocritical. One, acting like Trump has a mandate as Speaker Paul Ryan did, is factually incorrect and disregards that Hillary Clinton is on her way to a net gain of the most votes of a presidential candidate in history. Secondly, Trump supporters need to check their ego at the door.

When Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, many on the right lost their collective minds. They hung the American flag upside, yelled racial slurs at Obama supporters, hung nooses from trees, and threatened to shot people on the left. Radio host Rush Limbaugh said he would move to Canada (he never did), but now there are folks on the right chastising liberals to make due on their promise to relocate to Canada. There are even calls to bully liberals into suicide. Also, The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported over "200 incidents of harassment and intimidation," against racial and religious minorities. Yet it's the liberal protesters that are acting crazy?

We've come undone when 1) We're not respecting the political process and 2) We're shaming people for dissenting. What happened to the days of respecting people's feeling, allowing them time and space to grieve, and most importantly, acknowledging one's pain and frustration with the system and with losing. The same Trump supporters who voted for Trump because they felt he was the candidate to #draintheswamp and would shake up the system and end the elitism are acting like the elitist now. I'm sure it's annoying that people are questioning why you voted for Trump who's been accused of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. But guess what, I was annoyed when you accused me of voting for a Muslim terrorist and that I was a socialist.

If you want Clinton supporters to move on and unite around Trump, then lead by example and stop bullying and acting like a menace towards religious and racial minorities. Speak up when you see such indignities that could possibly lead to someone's death. Remember, liberals gave you space to verbally rage against Barack Obama's presidential election victories, even to their utter annoyance that it was occurring. I ask Trump supporters; shouldn't you give the same courtesy?

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