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4 Ways To Slay A Troll

In our short live we all have encountered a vile, malicious, loud, obnoxious TROLL. They don't always live under bridges, they could be in your classroom, your house, and lurk on the web. These are few tips and tricks to slay the wicked troll. Just remember take one down, ten more come in it's place.

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1. Keep on keeping on: continues doing whatever they mock


Trolls main weapon is fear of embarrassment. They use their words to keep you from doing what makes you happy. The worse thing that you can be is shameless. Troll: "You suck at dancing!" Respond: "Oh really!....and than do the robot. We all have doubt in our own abilities, but if you show unrelenting confidence the troll will flee.

2: Compliments: catch them off guard:


Trolls have such low self esteem, a compliment send a shock to their system and they can IMPLODE....but usually have no idea how to respond. So, they usually stop engaging in the conversation. Troll: "You are an abomination and are going to HELL!" ...Respond: "I am be an abomination but you are a true delight, and blessing upon this world." It may come of sarcastically but the more genuine the better.

3: Ignore: don't feed the fire


What a troll usually feeds on besides cooler ranch Doritos is attention. They crave knocking people down to their level. Sometimes the best response is no response. Troll: "You are stupid @SS"......"nothing"...."THINK you are better than me!!"....... As they rant you continue to slay!

4: Respond with a enthusiastic selfie: " I am HAPPY"


When a troll likes to berate you and make you feel insecure. Respond with a smiling selfie! Troll: " You are fat and ugly!" a selfie with you eating icecream telling them, "Quite Frankly my dear...I don't give me eat!"

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