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Internal Battles

Story of an Emotional Warrior

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The Brain has me where it wants me, and it’s about to pull the last trigger to end me. I briefly see the opening to the other side and I’m drawn to it, but something comes along and shuts the opening. It’s The Power. It lives in the crevices of my soul and it rarely shows itself, but when it does, its choices are definitive. “I’m not done” The Power says. It throws me back on the battlefield and makes me feel everything.

I inhale and it’s a little easier, but I’m not at full strength. It’s okay, because The Power is leading and and it doesn’t need to feel good at all times. The Power goes on no matter what. That’s what makes it badass. That’s what makes me badass.

I’m met with The Brain’s Army. They call themselves The Ugly. Pain, Self-loathing, Doubt, Hate and Fear are all lieutenants. They lead units of nasty negatives who seem to multiply by the day.

I only need one other leader on my team: Expression. The Power takes hold of Expression and makes me Goddess. I don’t even need to get fancy with my attack. I drown The Ugly into my art and I own it. I can’t kill those motherfuckers, but I can make them mine and that’s what I do. The Brain is now defenseless without its army of evildoers. So I invade its property and reprogram The Brain to do my bidding. It’s only then, and not a minute before that I allow The Good: Love, Beauty, Appreciation, Happiness and Peace. They lead units of spectaculars and they multiply by the day. However, they are not part of my army because they don’t fight for me. I fight for them.

And so with that, I win the battle. At least, for today. Another battle shall begin tomorrow.

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