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Here's How IoT Technologies Are Fueling Vaccination Deployments

The "Internet of Things" is connecting the unconnected with technologies that have transformed and fueled digitization across industries and communities.

You've probably heard of the "Internet of Things" before. And whether you know it or not, you utilize the IoT every single day!

Basically, it's all the smart connected tech we come across in everyday life. And Qualcomm Technologies invents a lot of these breakthrough connected technologies that make the IoT possible to help reimagine how the world works, plays, and lives with their ecosystem of 13,000 customers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the need for connectivity and smart solutions at the intelligent edge has been more critical than ever before.

A diagram detailing all the various technologies involved in the Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution process

The IoT plays an essential role by providing smart solutions and connected technologies utilized in vaccine development, testing, product asset tracking and logistics, packaging and labeling, and even the actual production of your COVID-19 vaccine!

Manufacturing facilities rely on the IoT to track vaccine shipments, monitor temperatures (which is vital for many COVID-19 vaccines), and keep facilities safe and secure.

The IoT helps to ensure successful, compliant patient dosing and storage monitoring, making sure your vaccine arrives timely and accurately.

Aside from the vaccine itself, supporting industries had to adapt at ⚡️lightning speed⚡️ with innovative new ways to serve patients.

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The IoT ecosystem is revolutionizing our world for the better with a massive ecosystem of innovators!