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10 Myths About Food Safety You Might Have Heard That Aren't True

"It's only touched the floor for five seconds... It's fine." Nope. Nope. Nope.

1. The five-second rule is a totally OK rule to live by.

2. You can't refreeze defrosted meats.

3. You can't serve pork rare.

4. Only food that smells funny is off and can make you sick.

5. You usually only get food poisoning from meats.

6. If you get food poisoning, it's always the last thing you've had.

7. Food poisoning will just pass on its own.

8. The use-by date is just a guide – you can still eat something after it.

9. Homemade mayo will keep the same as store-bought mayo.

10. Minces, sausages, and chicken are good to eat once the juices run clear.

All facts from the Food Safety Information Council.

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