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15 Signs Your Life Is Actually All About The Guac

Guac isn’t a dip... it’s a gift sent from heaven. Luckily for you, Qdoba doesn't charge extra for their guacamole.

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1. These items are consistently in your fridge:

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2. You have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to recipes with guacamole.


And you pin to it almost every day.

3. You've thought about serving guac at your wedding.


Or you did actually serve it.

4. You tend to freak out when there are new guac entrée options on menus.

5. The first time you tried a burger with guacamole, you were like:

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"Can I just, like, make out with the chef?"

6. When you do groceries, you just look for things to put guacamole on.


"OK, I definitely need this bread, these rice cakes, these crackers, and, oh yes, some tostadas..."

7. This is how people get you to come to their house:

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You can't resist such magical words.

8. You love it when your friends suggest Tex-Mex for lunch.


Or dinner.

9. And when this happens....

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10. are just like:


"Who the hell ate all the guacamole in three minutes?"

11. And when you actually share your guac...

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12. just about kills you when someone takes the biggest scoop possible.

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Your world crashes, man.

13. You agree that if guacamole were a person, it'd be Oprah.

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'Cause who doesn't like Oprah? And she's perfect.

14. You daydream about dipping your significant other in guacamole.

15. OK, OK, maybe just your chips... and a ton other things.

But guac is truly AMAZING. And you can't help but love it.
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But guac is truly AMAZING. And you can't help but love it.

Extras aren't extra at Qdoba, so enjoy all the guac your heart needs, for free.

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