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But Why Does Trump Hate GE, Your Money & Ya Mama's Money Tho?

Trump finna slash Energy Star & EPA budgets to fund an imaginary war and we gotta #RESIST

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If you’re like me your mother and grandmother had hella GE appliances at the crib and each and every one of them was Energy Star certified cuz “we ain’t got money to waste in this house!”

Well Trump is about to waste all our money! Your 45th President wants to cut the part of the budget that saves Americans an estimated $430 billion on utility bills by making our appliances energy efficient. All so he can bulk up his proposed additional $54 billion dollar military spend. How Sway!?!? What expensive-ass war he planning on startin? You see the way America’s bank account is set up...

Trump is leaving this country’s proverbial front door open letting out all the damn heat! And America gotta be that mama. You know the one! The one that shows up to the dance in curlers if your 10 mins late coming home. The one that embarrasses you in front of your lil friends. “Close my damn front door Trump! We aint got money to waste in this country!”

Call your elected officials today! Let them know you don’t play that when it comes to funding the programs that keep us safe and keep American $$$$ in American pocketbooks!

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