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7 Weather People Bringing The Heat

Yesterday was National Weatherperson’s Day. But it's never too late to recognize some fine folks who have sounded the alarm on climate change in an effort to save us all. It is in their honor that we bring you 7 great moments of weather people brining the heat and dropping a wintery mix of knowledge all over the haters.

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Kait Parker's Note to Breitbart

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Weather Channel Meteorologist Kait Parker cemented herself in the Tell-It-Like-It-Is Hall of Fame with her epic takedown of's attempt to twist her words to support its claim that global warming was nothing but a scare. Methinks you messed with the wrong Meteorologist.

Capital Weather Gang With All You Need to Know in a Single Tweet

During the American Meteorological Society's Annual Meeting—which just happened to coincide with news of the Trump White House's silencing of science— the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang tweeted all you need to know about climate change...and had 3 characters to spare.

Rear Admiral (ret.) David Titley sinks Ted Cruz' battleship

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What is more enjoyable than watching an issue expert shut down a bloviating politician during a congressional hearing? Seeing him do it twice! Watch as Rear Admiral (ret.) David Titley, an expert in meteorology and national security, blows a hole in Senator Ted Cruz's climate change denial. Not sure what I liked better: the "I'm just a simple sailor..." line or calling out the bogus data Cruz cites.

Al Roker Connects the Dots

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When he's not calling out Ryan Lochte or reporting from the eye of a hurricane, Today Show weatherman and national treasure, Al Roker, is dropping knowledge about the connection between climate change and extreme weather as he did here with the timeless Larry King.

Eric Holthaus personally shares why Trump's climate change denial is no laughing matter


Meteorologist and climate hawk, Eric Holthaus, has been sounding the climate alarm for years. But at the advent of Donald Trump's presidency, Holthaus bravely shared what having a climate denier in the Oval Office means for those on the frontlines of the very real challenge to combat climate change.

Miami's John Morales Sounds the Alarm on Rising Sea Levels

For years, John Morales, the chief meteorologist at Miami's NBC affiliate, has been sounding the alarm about climate change's connection to rising sea levels. And now, he is saying others need to have the courage to talk about climate change.

Former Weatherman Writes the Book on How Evangelicals Should Talk About Climate Change

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Paul Douglas used to be the weatherman for WCCO in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Then the evangelical Christian Republican (you read that right) literally wrote the book on how evangelicals should talk about climate change. As he once said in an interview, "If you’re conservative, you should be conservative across the board, including conserving the thing that sustains us." Sounds pretty righteous to me!

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