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11 signs from the Women’s Marches demanding climate action

The Women’s March on Washington, and the sister marches around the world, brought communities and causes together to form one of the largest inter-sectional protests in history, and deliver an unmistakeable message to climate and inauguration crowd size denier, Donald Trump. Here are 11 of the best signs we saw from protesters demanding climate action.

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1. Let’s just start with the winner

2. Look at our signs, then look at the enormous ice sheet behind us that is about to fall into the sea because of climate change

@lindazunas / Via Twitter: @lindazunas

3. The kids are alright

@LDMay / Via Twitter: @LDMay

4. One beneficiary of the Trump presidency: poster board manufacturers

5. Don't get grabby, Donald

@dankojones / Via Twitter: @dankojones

6. If it’s not too much to ask, Mr. President

Edward B. Colby / Via

7. An oldie but a goodie

8. That is some strong lineage

Alanna Vagianos/The Huffington Post / Via

9. Get woke, y’all

Edward B. Colby / Via

10. Real America

Jenni Miller / Via

11. Too hot! I'm dying!

Bob Luckey Jr. / Via

12. Bonus! Didn’t see it out there but someone still thought up this brilliance

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