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8 Heartwarming Stories About Adopting Abandoned Pets

Get the tissues ready...

1. This sweet cat, who has started to regain her confidence around humans after being abandoned while pregnant.

2. Playful Macavity, who was found trapped inside a wall as a kitten but has grown into a happy and well-loved cat.

3. This very good boy, who had been left to starve in a cardboard box but is now showered with all the affection in the world.

4. Tiny Winnie, who found a new, loving home after being abandoned with a terrible eye injury.

5. This gorgeous cat, who fought off severe injuries to make a miraculous recovery.

6. Cheeky Pixie, who has found love with a new family after being abandoned in a park as a puppy.

7. This once-stray with a damaged eye, who adores his new owners.

8. Blossom, who bloomed into the cheeriest dog after a difficult beginning.

Purina is committed to helping abandoned pets find the new, loving homes they deserve. Learn more about how they work with charities and organisations to promote pet adoption.