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8 Heartwarming Stories About Adopting Abandoned Pets

Get the tissues ready...

1. This sweet cat, who has started to regain her confidence around humans after being abandoned while pregnant.

Nyall Cook and Clara Temple / BuzzFeed

"Suki had been left outside while she was heavily pregnant, while her previous owners went on holiday. She gave birth during that time, and thankfully both she and her kittens survived after a neighbour found them.

"We adopted her from a local charity and were heartbroken by Suki's backstory. This experience left her scared to go outside for about the first six months we had her, but recently she is starting to venture outside into the garden. It’s amazing to see her confidence grow: When we had guests over, she used to hide under our bed, but now she actively goes to sit on visitors’ laps. She’s always been affectionate with us, which makes us feel extra special.

"We’re due our first baby in a couple of months, and having Suki has been an amazing 'soft launch': We feel like proud parents after seeing her personality develop, and she’s made our house truly a home. All good prep for what’s to come!"

—Nyall and Clara, London

2. Playful Macavity, who was found trapped inside a wall as a kitten but has grown into a happy and well-loved cat.

Courtesy of Cats Protection

Macavity was found stuck inside a cavity wall, after a bar supervisor heard her meowing. The supervisor called Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre, who enlisted the help of the local fire station after they realised there was no way to get to the kitten.

The firefighters had to remove a concrete block from the bottom of the wall to gain access to 4-week-old Macavity, guided to her location by the sound of her cries. She was rushed to the vet and was nursed back to full health, thankfully sustaining only minor injuries.

Macavity has now grown into a happy and playful cat, thanks to the love and affection of her new owners, Joanne and her son, Matthew.

“Macavity is doing really well,” said Joanne. “She has settled remarkably into our home and family. She loves being outside climbing trees. Her and our other cat, Paddy, enjoy chasing each other around the garden, and afterwards she loves a well-deserved grooming session.

“She is very affectionate, but she is great at hiding this when it comes to bedtime — and she is definitely not a morning person. Paddy is up with the birds, but she always needs another 10 minutes.”

—Cats Protection, Belfast

3. This very good boy, who had been left to starve in a cardboard box but is now showered with all the affection in the world.

Chloe Morgan / BuzzFeed

"We decided to adopt instead of buying from a breeder, as in my opinion there are far too many dogs in shelters waiting for their forever home.

"The shelter had very little history on Alfie other than he had been left in a cardboard box outside the home! His hair was so matted when they found him that they had no choice but to shave it all off — including his whiskers! He was also all skin and bones, and had quite clearly never been given a good meal! Despite all of this, I fell in love with him instantly and knew I had to take him home and give him all the love in the world!

"These days he enjoys lots of belly rubs, and I always make sure his tummy is never empty. He gets very excited whenever he’s going to the groomers and loves long walks in the countryside. He is a pampered pooch for sure!"

—Chloe, London

4. Tiny Winnie, who found a new, loving home after being abandoned with a terrible eye injury.

Courtesy of Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Adorable Winnie arrived at Wood Green with a painful eye injury that immediately concerned the in-house vet. The team worked to make Winnie feel comfortable and safe, giving her the care and expertise that she needed while undergoing a delicate operation to remove her damaged eye.

After a few days of quiet recuperation, Winnie was thankfully back to enjoying life again. Winnie was then fostered by a member of staff at Wood Green, who happily gives her round-the-clock care and plenty of cuddles. She is now fully recovered and loves her new home and family.

—Wood Green, The Animals Charity, London

5. This gorgeous cat, who fought off severe injuries to make a miraculous recovery.

Courtesy of Cats Protection

Willow was discovered by a driver who found her hiding in the back of his lorry. She was in very poor physical condition when she arrived at the Cats Protection centre in Bridgend and was rushed into care.

It was expected that she wouldn't survive, but miraculously Willow fought her injuries to make a full recovery.

“We decided to put in a request to adopt Willow because her story was so heart-wrenching,” said Willow’s new owner Allison Felton. “She is so gentle and playful, and she has settled in very well. Initially she was very jumpy, trying to escape by jumping through mirrors she mistook for windows. She's no longer jumpy, thankfully, though she is not an adventurous character, preferring to stay mostly in a couple of rooms where she feels safe.

“She is quite a clever cat, outwitting our existing cat easily! At the end of a ‘hard day’, she likes nothing better than to curl up on her cushion on a rocking chair. We couldn't have chosen a better companion!”

—Cats Protection, Bridgend Adoption Centre

6. Cheeky Pixie, who has found love with a new family after being abandoned in a park as a puppy.

Courtesy of Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Pixie was only 5 weeks old when she was found by a member of the public in a park last November. The tiny pup had an eye injury and damage to her belly.

The Wood Green veterinary team got to work quickly in order to save her eye, and after intensive treatment, she fully recovered.

A few months on, Pixie has blossomed into a playful terrier and has been rehomed by an adoring family. Her new owner, Steve, said, “Pixie is a very happy, cheeky, bubbly, and playful puppy who is adored by all of us, none more so than our eldest child, Dylan, who's 4 years old.

“Health-wise, Pixie is doing fantastically well. Her eye has healed amazingly, and her hernias have zero impact on her activities.

“Pixie loves nothing more than a nice long walk in the park, and she’ll happily play with the other dogs and fetch toys, which there are plenty of! In true terrier style, she loves to dig, so that can be quite fun when it comes to hiding treats in the garden with the children.”

—Wood Green, The Animals Charity, London

7. This once-stray with a damaged eye, who adores his new owners.

Courtesy of Cats Protection

Derek was a stray found living in Llandudno Junction in Wales. He had quite a few scars and a bad eye injury and was taken to the vets by Cats Protection’s Colwyn & District Branch after after a member of the public reported him as a stray.

Derek had surgery to remove his damaged eye and was nursed back to full health. Once healed, Derek quickly became increasingly confident and friendly with people again.

His new owner, Kim, said: “Derek is very affectionate and beautiful. As soon as I sit down, he likes to sit next to me or on me. He is often found purring away with his paw and head resting on me.”

—Cats Protection, Colwyn & District Branch

8. Blossom, who bloomed into the cheeriest dog after a difficult beginning.

Courtesy of Nicola / Purina UK

"Blossom was found in park by a member of the public when she was just 5 months old. She was so ill that the vets were unsure if she was going to make it, and didn't know if she could even live a normal life. Thankfully, she defied all the odds and fully recovered.

"She is 9 years old now, and I've had her since she was 6 months old. Blossom was a very shy and scared puppy, but she grew into such a happy dog. She's so friendly to everyone she meets – even the vet!

"Blossom helps me get through my day-to-day anxiety by encouraging me to take her out and get some fresh air. We have a great bond: Blossom can always tell when I’m not in a good mood, and she does her best to make me feel better by cuddling close to me. I work at Purina, who allow us to bring in our pets into work, so she's always close by when I need to calm my nerves. Blossom is truly my best friend, so much so that she was even a part of my bridesmaid crew at my wedding."

—Nicola, Surrey

Purina is committed to helping abandoned pets find the new, loving homes they deserve. Learn more about how they work with charities and organisations to promote pet adoption.