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13 Dogs Who Get An A For Effort

These determined pups give it their all. Choose Purina Pro Plan for outstanding nutrition that can help bring out the best in your dog.

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1. This lil guy who wants to be just like you.

2. This pooch who just wants to flip and have fun.

3. This pal who can fit a whole lotta socks in his mouth.

4. This dog who wants to play airplane like a human boy.

5. This star of the cute show.

6. This pup who is on the lookout.

7. This fluffy guy who is too excited for even a high five.

8. This watchdog.

9. This leaf lover.

10. This gaggle of pups who can't wait their turn.

11. This pooch who is working on his tush.

12. This roly poly.

13. And this fish.

But hey, all pups can dream to be a great swimmer.

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