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10 Truly Incredible Guide Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

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1. Nikki, who can smell changes in her owner's blood to alert her before she has a seizure.

Courtesy of: ERIN HOOLEY / Standard-Examiner / / Via

Nikki's owner, Sandra Leavitt, has a rare seizure disorder that is triggered by stress. Nikki is trained to be able to smell changes in Sandra's blood leading up to a seizure. Nikki can give Sandra up to two hours of warning before Sandra has an episode. Sandra also has a special phone designed to enable Nikki to dial 911 should anything happen.

2. Roselle, who led her owner safely out of one of the Twin Towers during 9/11.

Spencer Platt / Via

Michael Hingson was at his desk on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s north tower on the morning of 9/11 when the plane crashed into the other side of the building, 18 floors above. Roselle calmly guided Michael out of the building and safely into a subway station as the south tower collapsed.

3. Venice and Rodd, who helped this blind couple fall in love.

Courtesy of: Malcolm Hart / Via

Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey never expected to meet anyone during a guide dog training course. Their dogs, Rodd and Venice, became inseparable though during the course, forcing Claire and Mark to talk to one another and eventually fall in love. They are now happily married.

4. Edward, who helps his owner with her rare skin disease that can cause her throat to close up.

Courtesy of: Canine Partners / Via Facebook: caninepartners

Wendy Hilling has the condition epidermolysis bullosa recessive dystrophic that causes her skin to tear and blister at the slightest scratch. The lining of her windpipe can also blister and close at any time. Her dog, Edward, wakes Wendy's husband if Wendy stops breathing. Edward can also undress her, load the washing machine, get cash from a cash machine, and pick up anything she drops.

5. Endal, who helps his parapalegic owner.

Courtesy of: Stuart Villanueva/The Eagle/Caitlin Perrone

Andy Borden woke up one night unable to feel his legs. Doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. When doctors removed the tumor, nerve endings were damaged, causing Andy to become a paraplegic. Andy then met Endal, a beautiful yellow lab, who stays by Andy's side and helps him every day.

6. Phoebe, who saves her owner from his deadly peanut allergy.

Natasha Sioss / Via

5-year-old Sean Armstrong takes his Australian Labradoodle, Phoebe, with him to class every day because Sean has a rare peanut allergy where he can potentially die if he even inhales the scent of peanuts. Phoebe is specially trained to sniff out even the smallest traces of peanuts and enters rooms before Sean to sniff out any potential dangers.

*Please note that the above photo is not of Sean and Phoebe*

7. Chaz, who helps a boy with autism.

Victoria Yee / Via

5-year-old Reeve Basile is autistic. When Reeve gets anxious, he tends to run across the street or play with kitchen appliances. Chaz is trained to help Reeve calm down, because when Chaz is in the room, all of Reeve's attention is on him. Chaz gives Reeve and Reeve's family a much-needed sense of comfort.

*Please note that the above photo is not of Reeve and Chaz*

8. Jet, who saved an infant from an oncoming car.

Photodisc / Via

Jessica Cowley, who is legally blind, was walking with Jet and her 1-year-old son, Jacob, when an out-of-control car was heading straight toward her son. Jet wrestled away from Jessica and, moments before the car would have hit Jacob, pushed the stroller out of harm’s way. Read more here.

*Please note that the above photo is not of Jet*

9. Belle, who helps her owner who has a flesh-eating disease.

Natasha Sioss / Via

Aimee Copeland lost most of her limbs after developing a flesh-eating disease after a horrific zip lining accident. Her service dog, Belle, reminds her when to take her medicine, retrieves objects for her, flips light switches, and is a loyal friend to her.

*Please note that the above photo is not of Belle*

10. Jermaine, who acts as a guide dog for his blind brother, Jeffrey.

Courtesy of: Operation Ava/

Jermaine is not a trained guide dog, but he loyally looks after his blind brother, Jeffrey. Jermaine makes sure to maintain physical contact with Jeffrey in new places so he doesn't get hurt. They also cuddle while they sleep. The two brothers are still up for adoption.