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9 Ways We'd Like To Punk Justin Bieber

The ninth season of "Punk'd" is every Thursday at 10/9c on MTV, and Justin Bieber is the mastermind behind one of the first few stunts. But is anyone thinking of a way to pull one over on Biebs? If not, here are a few starter ideas.

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1. Have A New Stylist "Accidentally" Put Peroxide In His Hair

Randy Brooke / WireImage / Getty Images

Biebs' regular hair team could all get food poisoning, and the only person available to do his hair before an appearance would be a beauty school dropout. The fill-in stylist would be inexperienced and star-struck, and she could "mistake" Justin's preferred product with peroxide.

2. Leave A Baby On His Doorstep

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage / Getty Images

Biebs wants to be a "young dad," and we could find out how serious he is about it it by leaving an infant on his doorstep. How would he react? Would he hand the baby off to someone so he could thank more of his fans on Twitter, or would he sing her the lullaby version of "One Less Lonely Girl"?

3. Say His Entire Third Album Was Deleted

Dr. Billy Ingram / WireImage / Getty Images

Musicians rely on electronics. And since all gadgets can fail for no reason, a crazy power outage could suddenly erase all the tracks from Bieber's upcoming third album. He would, of course, be devastated. But we'd love to see how he'd go about expressing such dismay.

4. Tell Him He'll Have To Drive His Own Tour Bus

Larry Marano / Getty Images

What would happen if the guys responsible for driving Bieber's tour bus were too sick to drive, and the only way Bieber could keep traveling was if he drove himself? Would he jump behind the wheel of the 2 ton vehicle without hesitation, or disappoint his fans by postponing several concerts?

5. Have Him Detained By Border Security In Canada

Chris Polk / Getty Images

One of Justin's favorite things to do is return to Canada, and so he probably wouldn't think it was funny if security detained him as he was crossing the border. But we'd have a grand time watching him realize a police dog is genuinely concerned that he's hiding a bomb in his hoodie.

6. Convince Him That A Complete Stranger Is Actually His Relative

Mark Cuthbert / Getty Images

Justin is close with his family, so it would be amazing if we got him believing he had a close relative he's never met. We'd have to quickly pump years and years of Bieber family history into the accomplice, but at least we wouldn't have to work very hard to find one.

7. Send All The Animals In A Shelter To His House

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Justin believes in adopting animals from shelters instead of going to breeders or pet stores. But to test his loyalty to the cause, we'd very much enjoy unleashing anywhere from 300 to 500 homeless animals inside his house. Surely his star power means he'd find good homes for everyone, but obviously it wouldn't be before his sneakers were safe and sound.

8. Have Stevie Wonder "Forget" Who He Is

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Justin said Stevie Wonder is one of his greatest musical influences, and he was thrilled when they performed together on "The X Factor" in December of 2011. So Biebs would be shocked and sad if Stevie suddenly had no idea who he was, and it would be fun to watch him list off his most impressive credentials before Stevie would remember him.

9. Selena's Parents Could Want "A Word" With Him

Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

Selena Gomez could give Justin a fright by telling him her folks wanted to have a talk with him about "his intentions" with her. Once it started, Selena's protective parents could demand Justin answer intimate questions about his relationship with their daughter...and it wouldn't be very long before he passed out or Selena cracked a smile over her boyfriend's genuine discomfort.