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    Updated on Mar 16, 2020. Posted on Mar 16, 2020

    10 Things That Are Now A Reality As WFH Becomes The New Normal

    Working from home (WFH) is presenting a whole slew of new and relatable realities.

    It's only just begun, but working from home feels a bit like this:

    It's a mixed bag of emotions type of feeling. One where the news of working from home brings an uncertain surge of excitement yet also frustration and anxiety. Maybe you can relate? (But if you're just thriving right now, please do share your secrets.)

    To help flatten the curve and practice social distancing, many companies are making the call to institute a work from home policy for the foreseeable future.

    While working from home offers some temporary comforts, it also poses some challenges we might not have even realized we'd face. Due to the circumstances, there are a whole bunch of new found realities becoming more and more relatable every day. We admit to some below:


    1. Business on top, sweats on the bottom.

    Via Google Images

    Your living room couch is the coveted conference room in high demand now. Forget those themed decorations, or honored celebrities who each room is named after, it's all about a strong wi-fi connection. Just remember not to actually stand up during your daily stand up call, if this is your dress code of choice.

    2. A makeshift standing desk.

    If you're lucky enough to even have a standing desk at work, the thought of being without it must pose a real challenge. How will you practice proper posture? How will you activate your core while laying on the couch? Your productivity just won't be the same.

    3. Struggling to work sans computer monitor #2.


    Whether you use your second computer monitor to watch sports (which are #canceled), analyze data, or keep the essential email/slack/calendar combo open at all times, working with just one screen while at home may throw you for a loop. While you try to utilize Apple's split screen feature, it doesn't even compare to what you've come accustomed to.

    4. Losing track of the days.


    Since every day pretty much looks the same, what is there to make each day feel different? Your commute has gone from 60 minutes to 60 seconds, you might see daylight but don't feel daylight, and you no longer need to pick out an outfit the night before. Time being a construct takes on a whole new meaning now.

    5. Sleeping until 8:50am.


    Work for many usually starts at 9am. And it still starts at 9am. But since it takes you 3 seconds to get from your bed to whatever room you've chosen for the day, let's embrace those extra few moments of our valuable sleep cycle.

    6. Wondering whether you should cancel your unlimited metro card.


    With no where to go and no one to see, do you even need a metro card right now? Might that money go to better use, such as, I don't know, your savings account?

    7. Worrying about your office plants.


    If you're at home, and your plants are at work then who will water them? This wasn't covered in the WFH prep plan. Major oversight.

    8. Having to make your own coffee.


    Not only that, but you need to buy the coffee grounds to make the coffee. And that involves going to the grocery store. Which for obvious reasons, is just not #1 on the list of places I want to be right now.

    9. Home workouts.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and when the gym is towards the top of the "no thanks" list your go to workout buddy has got to be your dog. If anything you need an excuse to switch rooms, or move your limbs, or just literally do anything besides sitting right now.

    10. Learning so much about your co-workers by what's behind them in your video meetings.

    After each video conference call you might feel like you know just a little bit more about your co-workers than before. Or maybe you just have a lot of follow up questions that you're holding in? Either way, what's on the wall behind them gives you a lot of new content to create that imaginary story of the life your co-workers lead out of work.

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