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10 Reasons Why The 1999 Mummy Movie Is The Best

I love and have been fascinated by ancient Egyptian history since I was 10. When the first Mummy movie and its sequel came out, I watched them till I had memorized every scene and every dialogue. So when Universal Pictures wanted to remake the franchise, I was disappointed and curious. Disappointed because I loved the original franchise. Curious because it's about ancient Egypt. I went against all the reviews to watch the new Mummy movie. I deeply regret it. Below I have listed 10 reasons why The Mummy (1999) is a classic.

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1. The chemistry between the lead pair is electric.

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Let's face it. In both movies, the first time the leading man meets the leading lady, both of them act like total dicks. Rick O'Connell smooches (read molests) librarian and Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan. The first time Nick Morton and archaeologist Jennifer Halsey meet on screen, she slaps him for stealing an ancient map after a one-night stand. Brendan Fraser (O'Connell) and Rachel Weisz (Carnahan) had a raging chemistry. While Tom Cruise (Morton) and Annabelle Wallis (Halsey) looked like they were trying to set fire to wet tinder.

2. The sidekick is hilarious AF.

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Oh, Jonathan! Remember the scene towards the end of the movie where Jonathan is reading out from the book of Amun Ra while his sister fights the undead Anck-Su-Namun? Or when he is flying strapped on the wings of the plane? He is pure comedy. Chris Vail is not even remotely funny. Moreover, he tries to turn his friend over to the evil Ahmanet.

3. The villain is stupendous.

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Imhotep, the head priest dared to fall in love with the pharaoh's mistress. For which he paid dearly by being undead for 3000 years. Ahmanet could have easily taken the throne after killing her father and step-brother. Then why did she make a pact with Set? Maybe the idea was clear in the writer's mind but it didn't translate to the screen.

4. Well-developed and entertaining side characters.

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There was a host of side characters which made the movie so much more enjoyable. The Medjai swore to keep the location of Hamunaptra a secret for good reasons. The mean and cowardly Beni who was always one step behind O'Connell. The American group searching for buried treasure. The stinky warden who had a short but funny stint.

Dr. Jekyll's character did not add much to the new movie. Neither did the inclusion of present day conflict in what was Mesopotamia.

5. Hilarious and deep one liners.

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"Compared to you the other plagues were a joy" -Dr. Terrence Bey to Evelyn

"Apparently he had a very good time" -the warden to Evelyn

"I need a new job" - Beni reflecting on his servitude to Imhotep

"Patience is a virtue"-Evelyn "Right now it isn't"-O'Connor

"Live today. Fight tomorrow" - Medjai to O'Connell

"Nasty little fellows just as yourself always get their comeuppance" - Evelyn to Beni

"Death is only the beginning" -Imhotep

6. The sets, props and special effects.

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The opening scenes portrayed ancient Egypt in all its glory, gore and mystery. The grand sets in the desert took us on a time travel to another era. In the new movie, there a couple of scenes of Ahmanet and Morton in the desert with pyramids in the background. That's it.

7. Rick O'Connell is a hero, mostly.

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Rick O'Connell (Fraser) is a swashbuckling explorer who ain't afraid of hardships. He took Evie and her brother to Hamunaptra to honor his promise after she saved his life. (I say he is a hero mostly because I thoroughly disapprove of the non-consensual kiss) He isn't afraid of screaming at undead mummies or taking Imhotep's punches.

Morton set upon his adventure motivated by wealth alone. Also, he admits that he gave the Jennifer the only parachute unaware it was the ONLY parachute. And oh, he's more into fleeing than fighting.

8. The climax.

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A chariot appears from the underworld when Evie recites incantations from the book of Amun Ra and renders him mortal. Compare that to Morton kissing Ahmanet and sucking her dry. BORING.

9. So many mummified villains!

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Imhotep had so many mummified characters at his disposal. His priests, the royal guards and Anck-Su-Namun. And there was the flesh eating scarab beetles. Ahmanet just turned living people into zombies by sucking them dry. The Templar Knights are not even mummies.

10. Musical score

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The background score is thrilling, enchanting, eerie, romantic, adventurous and mysterious! Listen and decide for yourself

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