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23 Tweets That Capture The First Week Of Trump Nation

Because Twitter is much cheaper than a therapist

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1. When we said goodbye to America's mom and dad

2. When we thought it couldn't start that badly

3. When we had to fight to not normalize a Nazi

4. When the irony was just too bitter


6. When we realized no writer could make this shit up

7. When the joke of a wall suddenly became reality

8. And not so funny

RIP Corona and Tequila

RIP Corona and Tequila

9. When 2017 had the most unlikely heroes

10. When the 1930s similarities became too real



13. When 1984 became a bestseller

14. When Sean Spicer became a household name - but not for any good reasons

15. When even Merriam-Webster had to get political

16. When you thought Paris Hilton was narcissistic

17. When you didn't realize how easy it was to start a war on women

18. When Afghanistan's real estate habits saved them from a blockade

"It's about terrorism I swear"

"It's about terrorism I swear"

19. When our Commander in Chief had the worst presidential role model

20. When your 6th grade self can write better speeches than our current President

21. When we thought four years was long

22. When they couldn't come up with a reliable voter fraud conspiracy theory

23. And finally when we realize we can actually agree with him

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