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17 Snaps Every Best Friend Has Definitely Sent

A true friend knows when not to screenshot.

1. The "Sorry Not Sorry" Snap:

2. The "Cry For Help" Snap:

3. The "Just Made This for No Reason" Snap:

4. The "Also Made This for No Reason" Snap:

5. The "Me Vs. You" Snap:

6. The "OMG Just Watched 'Formation'" Snap:

7. The "Stole Your Phone While You Were in the Loo" Snap:

8. The "Rhetorical Question" Snap:

9. The "I Caved" Snap:

10. The "Please Explain Science to Me" Snap:

11. The "Relatable" Snap:

12. The "I'm So Clever, Aren't You Glad We're Friends?" Snap:

13. The "You're Late to Meet Me So I'm Replacing You" Snap:

14. The "Documenting This for Public Record" Snap:

15. The "Just Sayin' Hey" Snap:

16. The "Pls Share My Joy" Snap:

17. And, of course, the "Wish U Were Here" Snap:

A true friend is someone we can trust with everything. They’re always there to give you a shoulder to lean on, or at least to send a funny snap to cheer you up. Check out Rise Above and join the conversation now.