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14 Simple Ways To Beat Exam Stress

Exams: They're really not a big deal.

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1. Make a plan (and stick to it!).


Stress can build up because you feel like you're not learning enough or you feel guilty that you're not as far ahead as you think you should be.

If you plan, you'll give yourself a huge amount of confidence because you can look back and see the time you've put in.

2. Switch off from distractions.

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If you plan two hours of revision, it doesn't count if you spend half of it checking your Snapchat.

Instead, schedule in some social media stops. It breaks up your revision into more manageable chunks and gives you a little reward to look forward to.

3. Pop some bubble wrap.

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No need to explain this one. We all know how freaking satisfying bubble wrap is to pop. So keep an emergency stash in your drawer for the next time you hit a wall.

Can't find any? Then why not pop some virtual bubble wrap? Ah, is there anything technology can't do?

4. Puppies, of course.

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Did you know that many universities are actually starting to bring in dogs to help students de-stress during exam times?

Science has LITERALLY proven that dogs can reduce anxiety and lower the stress hormone. So go pet some more dogs! Right now!

5. Channel your inner Elsa and let it go.


Let it go. LET IT GOOOOOOOOO! (Ahem.) Well, visualisation is an age-old technique, and there's a cool little website called Pixel Thoughts, which literally takes your thought and fades it away in front of you.

Just type in what's on your mind and watch it float away. Ahhhh...

6. Eat breakfast (aka THE most important meal of the day).

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It's tempting to skip meals, especially if stress causes a drop in appetite. But hunger saps your concentration; that’s why breakfast is especially important.

7. Go for a walk round the block.

Simple, but very effective. But walking doesn't just de-stress; it can even make you smarter.

Exercise boosts a bunch of hormones that help boost your mood and your learning ability, helping you make things that go into your head stick!

8. Get app-y. (Get it? Because it's like happy, but with apps.)


There are tons of awesome, fun apps out there to help you clear your mind. Like breathing exercises, revision planners, and time-management tools.

Have you thought about meditation? You can practice for as few as three minutes at a time – perfect for study breaks!

9. Visualise the time after the exam (i.e., your happy place).


Just take a moment to think about how awesome it'll feel as you walk out the exam hall and exclaim, "IT'S OVER. IT'S FINALLY ALL OVER!" before sobbing with pure joy.

You're putting the hard work in now, but don't forget what you're working toward and the satisfaction that comes with completing it.


In other words, exams aren't the be-all and end-all.

It's easy to "catastrophise" – that means thinking the worst is going to happen if things don't go to plan. But life will go on afterward, and it won't stop you being who you want to be. Who knows? It might even put you onto a different, better path.

And what better way to remind yourself of that than by knowing this dog is living his best life? There isn't one. :)

11. Spend more time in bed.


It should go without saying, but sleep is hugely important for de-stressing. Sleep is when your body and brain reboot themselves and prepare you for the next day.

The longer and more consistent sleep you get, the better prepared your brain is to take in new information.

12. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.


One of the biggest stresses comes from comparing yourself to others. And people compete over EVERYTHING, so of course there's going to be someone bragging about the 38 hours of revision they clocked last week.

Instead, just focus on what you need to do, and surround yourself with friends that motivate you. #SquadRules

13. Have a giggle.

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They say laughter is the best medicine for a reason. A proper chuckle relieves physical tension and can relax your body for as long as 45 minutes!

So go on. Indulge in some funny TV or anything that'll make you giggle. There's sure to be something out there on the internet that's funny...

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