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18 Reasons Why You're Actually Better Looking Than You Think You Are

Yes, you.

1. Research shows that people are unable to accurately judge their own attractiveness.

2. And personality is a major factor in what people find attractive in others.

3. Which is why it's common to start finding someone hot(ter) after you get to know them.

4. Our generation, on average, is more attractive than previous ones due to natural selection.

5. Which means we're basically the finest breed of humans ever created.

6. So, if you could ever travel back in time, you'd probably have a ton of admirers.

7. What we think of as "hot" changes over time, so what's attractive now, wasn't attractive 50 years ago.

8. Attractiveness is totally relative, anyway.

Ate dinner with two women tonight... found out I was the only one at the table who found Kylo Ren to be sexy.

9. On average, girls spend about five hours a week taking selfies and trying to find the perfect one. It's not just you.

10. And a lot of looking good in photos comes down to angles, lighting, and editing.

11. Almost everyone hates how they look in photos because we're so used to seeing a reflected version of ourselves in the mirror.

12. Because most of us don't have symmetrical faces, photos of ourselves look weird because we’re seeing rearranged, flipped halves of our face.

13. And anyway, symmetrical faces aren't always the most attractive ones.

14. In fact, there are a bunch of hot celebrities out there with "crooked" faces.

15. many celebrities with crooked faces.

16. It's not weird if you don't like how you look in mirrors, either. Once your brain focuses on an object (i.e., a flaw) it appears more prominent than it actually is.

17. A 2013 study found intensely smiling faces are seen as way more attractive than others. So logically, this means we should all smile more, right?

18. But it also means you’re more beautiful than you think,  because others see you (genuinely) smile a lot more than you do.

So, there are a ton of reasons why you don't see how attractive you really are. For more info and personal stories about body confidence, check out Rise Above and join the conversation now.