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Paulo Coelho Books Available Online

Paulo Coelho is undoubtedly the bestselling author in the recent times.

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One does not have to be spiritually or metaphysically inclined to read books by this author. He appeals to everyone with a sensitive soul and simple heart and is willing to absorb the subtleties. His stories are a unique blend of religion, love, letting go, relationships, journeys and self-exploration. All his central characters undergo a self evolution through their own experiences and soul searching. Such themes certainly attracts a reader to flip through the pages at one go.

Paulo Coelho rose to fame with "Alchemist". However, though some critics considered this book to be a little vague it made profits in Indian and overseas market. Other books such as Eleven Minutes, Veronica Decides to Die, Brida and the Witch of Portobello are popular choices amongst readers. Few of his books have been made into movies, documentaries and televised films such as the Witch of Potobello and Veronica Decides to Die. He uses the central characters as his mouthpiece to put forward certain poignant and subtle thoughts on life, love, victory, success, failure, spirituality and other human abstractions.

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