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This Is What Happens When You Follow A Girl In A Cat Suit

A-Trak has surely seen a lot of bizarre things in his travels, deejaying practically everywhere, but naturally the most out of control night had to do with a girl in a Catwoman costume. With “Project X: Party Legends,” you can find out about the insane shit that happens when celebs rage. To see what could happen behind your own doors, check out Project X, Now Playing.

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A-Trak's craziest party story:

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

The idea is innocent enough: throw a party that no one will forget…. But if you're lucky you won't have to ask a bunch of rave kids exactly where you're going. Like A-Trak's story, “Project X” is a warning to parents and police everywhere. Experience the event that will turn losers into legends in “Project X”, Now Playing.