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How Are You Making Your Goals A Reality In 2021?

Making the leap to turn an idea into reality isn’t easy. That's why Project Management Institute wants to inspire and celebrate people on their journey to get stuff done with their Make Reality digital hub.

With the state of things today, you may feel like your life and important projects are on permanent hold.

Woman with head on desk

But you can also use this time to make bigger, better plans!

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Project Management Institute has honed in on five power skills that guarantee success every time: communication, empathy, collaborative leadership, innovative mindset, and purpose-driven orientation.

A notepad with a list on labeled "2021" with "Goal Plan Action" checked off

In that spirit, how are you making your goals a reality?

A couple looking at a laptop and celebrating

Are you constantly sharing your goals to friends/family/peers so it makes the goal real and they can help you stay accountable?

A young man on the phone while in front of his computer

Are you taking your quarantine hobby to the next level by building a website to showcase your creations?

A table filled with materials to make jewelry

Or are you planning a writer's retreat that allows you to get lost in your own world?

Woman writing while sitting by a creek and some mountains

We wanna hear how you are making your ideas tangible and actionable! Respond below and your story could end up in a future BuzzFeed post!

Just a heads-up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.

You can visit Project Management Institute’s Make Reality hub to find inspiration from changemakers around the globe, discover how to hone your own power skills and take their changemaker persona quiz!