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    We're Up Schitt's Creek In Iowa

    You think the Roses had it tough when they had to move to Schitt's Creek? Well, you clearly haven't had to live in Iowa under the failed and fearmongering leadership of Corporate Kim Reynolds and the Republican controlled legislature. Scroll down to see how her and Iowa Republicans handle Iowans advocating for themselves (Spoiler Alert: Not Well!)

    Episode 1: Voter Suppression

    After a record voting turnout in 2020, Gov. Reynolds had to act quick! So, she and Iowa Republicans shortened Iowa's early and election day voting. Can't have Iowans thinking they have any power!

    Giphy / Via

    "Iowans want to use their voice?! Ew, David!" - Probably Kim Reynolds

    Episode 2: Rewriting History

    We all realize that the only way to do better is to learn from the past right? WRONG! Iowa Republicans think it's easier to simply hide the truth. That's why on July 1, schools and public entities can no longer learn the honest truth about systematic racism & sexism in Iowa.


    Episode 3: Who needs an education?

    Care about public schools? Oh no! Gov. Reynolds has to shut that down fast! Now that she's letting out-of-state corporations create charter schools that take money from public schools, she can ensure Iowa's education system suffers!


    Episode 4: Housing Discrimination

    What?! You care about Iowans having a place to live?! Looks like you and Gov. Reynolds have different priorities. The Governor is now allowing landlords to deny applications if Iowans accept federal housing vouchers.


    Episode 5: Is Pat Grassley your doctor?

    You want to make your own healthcare decisions? Wow, stop right there! Iowa's elected Republicans, the majority of whom are men, can't have that! That's why they took a huge step to restrict abortion in Iowa by proposing an amendment to ensure Iowa's constitution doesn't secure a right to abortion.


    Session Finale: Putting Guns into the Hands of Bad Actors

    Want a safe community? Too bad! Gov. Reynolds and her Republican buddies want to please some extremists more! That's why on June 1, you won't need a gun permit to carry in Iowa, even though 67% are opposed to this (according to the Des Moines Register).

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