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The Most Badass Bulls In Bull Riding

In one of the toughest sports on earth, only the most badass bulls make the cut. Check out 10 bulls that are a buck above the rest. And to see these legends in action, make sure you check out the NY Madison Square Garden Invitational happening January 6th-8th.

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This bull will take your breath away...literally. Born in 2004, this world class bull has only been ridden once in 25 attempts. The only man to ever ride him was J.B. Mauney, who refused to let go and finished the ride hanging upside down.

With a name like Chicken On A Chain, you know this is one bull that means serious business. And before all the success and celebrity sponsorships, only Tedesco Buckin’ Bulls had the foresight to take a chance on this wild bull who would become a World Champion.