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Dad/Daughter Cancer Survivors Launch Business To Give Back

Father and daughter cancer survivors unite to create a line of unique bracelets to help put an end to childhood cancer

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Nine year old Becca, and her dad, both beat cancer. Now, together, they are on a mission to promote awareness and raise funds to put an end to childhood cancer.

Knots and Arrows Kickstarter / Via

Becca has always been a "go big or go home" kind of girl. Now that she has beat cancer, she has decided she wants to start a company that gives back. So, Knots and Arrows was born.

Allergic to Cancer - Becca Boo Facebook / Via Facebook: allergictocancer

Knots and Arrows is is a bracelet company that donates a portion of its earnings to Tackle Kids Cancer, a childhood cancer organization that Becca has been closely involved with alongside spokesperson Eli Manning.

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During Becca's fight with cancer, two inspirational quotes encouraged her family along the way. Somehow these two mantras collided and the company name, Knots and Arrows, was born.

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Each bracelet is made from swimsuit material as a reminder to "just keep swimming," a saying Becca and her family adopted during her two-year battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Knots and Arrows Kickstarter / Via

Now, Becca needs help bringing her vision and company to life. She's launched a Kickstarter to get Knots and Arrows off the ground. All funds raised during the Kickstarter campaign will cover the cost of production, packaging, shipping, promotional materials and the launch of the website. Any amount raised over the initial $25K goal will help Knots and Arrows continue to grow, and donated to Tackle Kids Cancer.

Allergic to Cancer - Becca Boo / Via

Becca's already taken down her cancer. Now she's ready to take down childhood cancer everywhere!

Allergic to Cancer - Becca Boo Facebook
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