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9 Year-Old Cancer Survivor Shows The Truth About Childhood Cancer In Powerful Video

Rebecca "Becca Boo" Salmins creates inspiring and heartbreaking awareness video for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, nine-year-old cancer survivor Becca Boo Salmins created this powerful, yet heartbreaking, video in an effort to raise awareness during the month of September.

Instagram: @allergictocancerbeccaboo / Via

There's a lot in this video to take in. This is a 9 year-old girl telling us what it is like to deal with cancer.

This is how she felt almost every day.

She spent 26 months undergoing treatment where she was "constantly throwing up, constantly taking medicine and constantly going to the hospital."

A heart-shaped puke bucket is just too innocent.

A heart-shaped puke bucket is just too innocent.

She is now a survivor, but she's not done with cancer. She is now helping other kids and teens with cancer through a business she started called Knots & Arrows.

The National Cancer Institute only reserves 4% of government funding for childhood cancer. So this is a 9 year-old girl who has already fought for her life and has now taken it into her own hands to raise money for an important cause. Here are some of her Knots & Arrows bracelets.

Knots & Arrows / Via
Knots & Arrows / Via

Like Becca said in her video, let's help her during the month of September and raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Support Becca's cause by checking out Knots & Arrows on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can also follow Becca on Instagram for some powerful life perspective and inspiration.

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