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Friends In Real Life Vs. Movies

How do your mates measure up to the movie ideal? Get some perspective on the important things with Pringles – making movie nights in better every time.

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Movies: Every gang has one guy who's full of one-liners and cheeky comments.

Reality: People like that are too much work.


Can't you just settle for "mildly amusing" like the rest of us?

Movies: People end calls by simply hanging up on their friends without saying goodbye.


Reality: That's not a friend. That's a rude person.

Movies: When visiting you, friends help themselves to food and drinks without asking.

Reality: That's YOUR stuff. Hands off, pal.

Movies: Girls spend a lot of time in each other's bedrooms, bonding.


Reality: Your bedroom is never clean enough for that. / Via

Plus, what are they doing in your bedroom? Don't you have a sitting room?

Movies: Mates' conversations are FULL of witty back-and-forth.

Reality: Nobody really knows how to react when something funny happens.

Until an hour later of course.

Movies: Every geek has a much cooler friend who tries to boost their coolness.

Reality: Everyone is just pretending to be cool.

We're ALL geeks, really.

Movies: Friends have deep and meaningful chats over lunch.


Reality: People talk about what's in their sandwiches.

And they get a bit jealous of the other person's sandwich. This is how it works.

Movies: Friends have nicknames and catchphrases for their gang.


Reality: Just try making a cool nickname for your group. Your mates will be like:


Hey, The Goonies had to start somewhere...

One thing that never changes: movie nights with friends. Buy 2 cans of Pringles and get a movie. Now all you need is your friends.