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Here's How To Eat An Entire Wendy's® Baconator® In One Bite


Hey, Bacon-lover. So you already know how much you love the Wendy's Baconator, right?

Well Pringles® knows that, too. That's why they created... Baconator Pringles!

Pringles is already known for bringing insanely accurate flavors to your favorite snacks, and they've done it again! These new Baconator Pringles are like AN ENTIRE WENDY'S BACONATOR IN ONE BITE!

It's basically everything you love about the Wendy's Baconator, except it's smaller, crispier, and you can fit the whole entire thing in your mouth all at once!

Oh, and there's one more advantage these Baconator Pringles have over their inspiration: YOU CAN DIP THEM INTO YOUR FROSTY®!

Baconator Pringles are available in stores for a limited time only, so what are you waiting for? Try new Baconator Pringles ASAP!

The Wendy’s name, design and logo, “Baconator” and “Frosty” are registered trademarks of Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC, used with permission.