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This New Personality Test Is Poised To Reveal Some Deep Truths About Who You Really Are

PrinciplesYou provides detailed insight into who you are and how you understand others. Begin your free personality assessment today!

Say hello to PrinciplesYou: a brand-new personality assessment created to help you better understand how you work.

Landing page of, featuring an image of three illustrated explorers.

PrinciplesYou takes a look at the way we perceive ourselves, how we work with others, and the interpersonal relationships that drive us.

Description of how PrinciplesYou provides results "tailored" to users

When you begin your assessment, you'll be presented with a number of unique prompts designed to gauge your ethos and ultimately lead you to a personalized result that's rife with tailored insight.

A series of sample assessment questions

With the help of the most up-to-date personality science, PrinciplesYou groups 28 archetypes into 9 categories representing a larger theme.

Example of PrinciplesYou results, featuring a comprehensive breakdown of traits

You'll get a rich picture across 17 core traits drawn from the most recent research in personality science, which helps establish a comprehensive look at your social and emotional tendencies.

Another example of PrinciplesYou results, featuring a specific breakdown of traits

So what does all of this mean? Basically, PrinciplesYou functions to provide a detailed look at how you operate — with yourself, with others, and within a series of different environments.

PrinciplesYou landing page featuring archetype examples and how users are categorized based on results

And when friends, family members, or coworkers take the assessment, you'll be able to compare results and see how to best communicate and work most effectively together.

Example of how PrinciplesYou allows users to share and compare results with colleagues

Whether you're a Helper, Inventor, Adventurer, or beyond, PrinciplesYou will gift you the self-awareness and acumen needed to make the best decisions possible and to get things done.

Image of traveler beside a question asking, "Ready to begin your journey?"

Imagery courtesy of PrinciplesYou

So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey and take the free PrinciplesYou assessment today!