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What Do You Think Happened With Kurt Cobain?

Ever since the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, had his death ruled a suicide back on April 5, 1994, there has been the argument of whether or not suicide should have been ruled the final cause of death. Now give me a minute to explain, i'm sure some of you out there are rolling your eyes saying, "of course it was suicide, he overdosed and then shot himself in the head," but there are a lot of facts in this story that sound a little sketchy. Long story short, Courtney Love hired a private investigator Tom Grant to find Kurt because she had no idea where he was after he left a rehab center in California to get help with his drug use. Tom Grant has a whole documentary on Netflix titled, "Soaked In Bleach," and I suggest you watch it if you are as curious as I was about this tragedy. I wasn't around for the death of Kurt Cobain, nor was I alive during most of the nineties unfortunately, but being born in '97 I can tell you that the grunge of the nineties really spikes my interest. There are a few things that do not add up, and wouldn't add up today or be ignored in a crime scene case like they were back when this case happened. If you want further information, Tom Grant to this day is still trying to discover the truth on this case and has his own documentary, website, and book available for people to see his side of the story. Grant's side of the story really inspired this post so I can't take full credit, but below are some of the things that don't quite add up on the case. I can't say what is the truth and what isn't because the only person who knows is Kurt. Do you think Kurt committed suicide or do you think it was a murder that was sloppily covered up?

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1. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were talking about divorce and Kurt had asked one of their friends and court attorney, Rosemary, if she could take Courtney out of the will.

Not only would that be a motive, but Courtney did not mention anything to her private investigator that they would be going through a divorce in the near future.

2. Kurt Cobain had three times the amount of a lethal dose of heroin in his system

The autopsy that was performed indicated that Kurt had three times the amount of a lethal dose of heroin in his body before he operated the shot gun. Not only would he be deceased and not be able to operate the shot gun, but this was never something that was really discussed. Unless he used and shot himself immediately, but there has never been a case of death where someone has had a blood level of 1.52 mgs per liter of heroin in their system.

3. The police and investigators on the case did not release the crime scene photos until last year!

2016 seems like a long time to wait to release crime scene photos especially if you have nothing to hide. I will say that many sources state that Frances, Kurt and Courtney's daughter, did not want to see those photos of her father and I completely understand. However, not only did the police hide the photos from the public which as I said is understandable, but they kept them hidden from other investigators to look at which is the sketchy part.

4. The 'suicide note' for Kurt's death never said anything in it about him committing suicide or dying, it also had a couple different handwritings within it. / Via

The note, when looked at closely, was more so telling fans that he would be leaving, but leaving the music business, not his life. Music making stopped being fun for Kurt since he was never too thrilled by fame and fortune. Handwriting experts did look at the note and a few of them believe the top and bottom part of the note was forged.

5. The shot gun on the crime scene was on the same side as the allegedly shot bullet's shell.

Cobain was holding the gun in his left hand and the shell was also on his left side. Unless there was a malfunction with the gun like some presume, the shell should have been on the right side.

6. Friends claimed that they did not think Kurt was suicidal and that his dark lyrics were always just a part of who he was.

Kurt's lyrics were dark and added depth but in an interview, kurt stated, "I'm a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am," in Rolling Stone. I have to agree with that quote. I know he struggled with depression but when anyone shows any kind of emotion and they are in the "limelight" it is taken to extremes immediately.

7. Overall, no matter what the truth is, we lost a great artist and musician and it's truly something that is tragic.


Despite the drama and consiperacy theories, nothing can bring Cobain back so we should just continue to appreciate the music and art he has left behind. Rest in peace Kurt.

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